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This is How It Begins

The original goal was to build myself up. I was going to get the basics of my current crafts down first so that I would have something to show. I was going to have backup and content for a blog should I choose to start one. I was going to actually restrain myself and not jump in headfirst into everything that crosses my mind.

 Too late.

I’ve had a crafter’s mind my whole life, but have been woefully underproductive about it. I’m starting to remedy that- very slowly. It’s hard to be productive and lazy at the same time! I’m currently teaching myself to quilt and use my sewing machine, learning to complete the papercrafts I want as I go along, trying to decorate my very white apartment, and- most importantly- trying not to do everything else on my list at the same time. This is greatly helped by the fact that actually “doing” any of these things is kept to a minimum while I surf the web feeding on inspiration. These are the trials and tribulations I shall face.

 Save me.



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