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Little Things

It’s funny to look at my blog now. Even with very few posts, it seems that so much has gone on. My machine will go back into the shop again, hopefully with better results. For now, I’m using my roommate’s machine. So let’s start.

 A few days ago, I got sucked into the last Harry Potter book. When I read, I have a tendency to get really lost in the story. Instead of speed reading like I see so many people do, if I’m enjoying a book I like to take breaks. It lets it really soak in. I can contemplate what’s been going on while getting something accomplished. That day, it was neat 3″x3″ squares.

I’ve tried more complicated quilt blocks to whet my appetite, but have found that my skills are severely lacking when it comes to matching up seams. With a fresh stack of squares, I could start making little four block pieces with abandon. I’ve started to get a lot better. It’s nice to know I’m not hopeless. Most of the blocks ended up reminding me of something closer to home and inspired one of my current projects. It’s about half done and I’m going to wait until it’s finished before I go on about it. But here, have a look at my squares.

They’re not all this good. Some were nearly atrocious actually, but I seemed to do better with this fabric. I’m still trying to figure out how to get it right every time though, and any tips are more than welcome.

My friend is pregnant with her first child and I decided to make a blanket months ago, long before I’d tried my hand at quilting. Or any serious sewing for that matter. I’ve had the fabric for the backing for years and think it’s great. Last night, I found the rest of the fabric for the top. I now have a theme for the blanket and a plan of action. I’ll update as that comes around.

 I have so many things in the works that it scares me. But some of them are coming along nicely. I’m teaching myself to knit and have my first wobbly-sided swatch in the works. I have the baby blanket and project for myself in varying stages. I’m cutting the pieces for a quilt a long way in the future. I have a matching bag set idea that is starting to come together. All in all, I’m actually doing something. It’s a nice change of pace.



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It Hurts Us, Precious

I’m going to kill my sewing machine. No really. It will die. I think I’ve figured out what the problem is, but I’ve got no idea how to fix it yet. I think that the top thread isn’t catching the bottom thread and that all those extra pieces of thread are from the top. I think it gets dragged down through the bottom… sewy hole of the machine and gets broken and wrapped around the casing of the bottom bobbin while the bottom thread is just lounging around and not doing anything. I hate it. It must die.

Why? Why why why. It’s new. I haven’t had a chance to screw it up too bad yet. Do you see this? Do you! It hates me.


I was almost done with part of a project too. I’ll post picture after I get my machine up and running again. For now, I’m going to ease my mind and bake a cake.  


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My Sewing Machine Makes Me Go Ape

There were two other things I was going to post on, yes one of them was yoyos, and I will get to those. Really, I will. But I wanted to show everyone what I have to put up with. It’s fine for the first ten minutes, then it all goes to hell. I have no idea why. I have no idea how to fix it. I usually just get fed up with it and use my roommates sewing machine. Only she’s moving out next month, so I’ll be stuck with this. It’s brand new. I don’t understand what I’m doing to kill it like this. Help!


 It taunts me so. It’s one reason I always give up on sewing projects so quickly. I’ll finish them eventually, but I can’t in one go because of this.

 In other news, and despite my sewing machine, I made a Happy!

 I think he wants to be called Ted even though he has a beret. This makes me stupidly happy for a number of reasons. I defied my sewing machine and finished him in one night, though it took longer because of it. I got to use old socks that didn’t fit or were on their way out. Plus, and here’s the kicker, I made good on my intentions to use my scrap planters. I put empty plant containers on my windowsill for sewing scraps. Two of them were just for bits of string and fabric that were too small to be sewn again and could only be thrown out. But no! I knew I could do something with them. I reasoned they could be used for stuffing and that’s just what I did. It took two smaller planters to fill him up, but it’s worth it. I feel like a recycling maven. He’s pretty good for a first try, no? I used this excellent tutorial for instructions.


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Productivity Update


I was going to tell you about the yo yo stuff today, but something better came along. Actually, lots of things. Namely, I got off my butt and was freakishly productive today. That includes the craftiness. Oh yes.

 I finally sewed up all nine of those pillow blanks for the cancer patients. I made the committment so long ago it seems and will finally be able to fulfill it. I got to laugh at how uneven my hems are while just bursting that I took the time to cut off the corners and everything. See?

It was incredibly satisfying to have the whole stack in front of me that I cannot begin to tell you how relieved I was. After that, I jumped even further in. I practiced on a quilt block that I’ve been wanting to try. AND I’m starting a new project. I’ve been so inspired by quilts like this and this.

They’re just very fresh to me. I like the clean, modern look to them. Those big blocks of color and random stripes and such just make the whole thing look very casual and comfy. I want that around my house. That and I think doing something like this which forgives so much more than traditional quilt blocks will be fun and keep me going at it. Also, it gives me a chance to use what’s left of the calico fabric I bought for the pillows- I just fell in love with it. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come.



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I’m Incredibly Motivated

As you can tell by my posts. I have been doing stuff. Really.

 I’ve haltingly continued on my YoYoPalooza quest which you’ll be hearing more about later. I’ve kinda worked on my paper mobile. Ish. And stuff.

 But that’s not what I’ve come to tell you about. No.  I have, in fact, made progress on a charity project that I’ve elected to do. Well, I elected weeks ago, but that’s not what we’re focusing on right now. I’m making pillow blanks (unstuffed pillows) for cancer patients. They’re added to boxes they send out to them while they undergo therapy. I thought it was both a wonderful idea and more desperately needed practice. After specifically buying remnants for the project, I have so far done the following: Stitched so they won’t fray, washed, ironed, and cut the pieces.

 I have proof! Swoon! Swoon!


I probably shouldn’t be anywhere near as excited about this as I am, but it’s actual craftiness. I have gotten off my lazy butt and worked ernestly on a project. Maybe this is the beginning of a beautiful new relationship for my butt and my work chair. Perhaps it’s just a change of butt-scene. Either way, I will not let you gainsay me in my celebrations. Let’s rejoice!


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