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What Was Lost Is Found

Ha! I didn’t post this the day I wrote it because I thought it had gotten erased. Imagine my surprise today when I was ready to re-write it and find it here. There will be more posts about the scarf shortly, but I’m going to take this as a sign and clean my apartment instead.  

I forgot how relaxing knitting was. I’m like most people who hate doing something because I have to. It’s easy to forget that we don’t “have” to do most of things we make ourselves do. Last night was a good night for it. I was still excited about using new needles and nice yarn, that I used up both of my leftover balls, which were small, and am ready to work on the new skein I bought. It’s especially gratifying and encouraging because it already looks so nice. I’m going to be proud to give this away. They’re never going to wear them, but they can still think that I put in the time and effort to handmade something for them that doesn’t look like beginners crap. It’s simple garter stitch, but the nubby, variegated Homespun yarn makes it look special and rustic. I’m using this same yarn for two scarves, one for my dad and the other for my step-dad. I think I’ll do the next in stockinette to see the difference in textures for nubby yarn. Until then, check out my progress.

I just might be able to get these done on time.



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Scarf Countdown

Well, I planned on making scarves for everyone this Christmas. Only, I haven’t started, and it’s going to take a newb like me a chunk of time for each one. One reason I haven’t started was the laziness factor- which is always a factor. Another reason was because I was working on different swatches that I thought would help me out. I still can’t knit and purl in the same row, so my pattern ability is low. Even that lovely wool I bought got put on some needles only to find that the needles were too small and it didn’t look nice. Meh.

 I plan on 7 scarves to hit the big people in my life. I’ve already bought the yarn for my mom’s and I might have some left in her old crappy stash that is actually very nice. I’ve hoarded quite a few balls of the $1 novelty yarn as well, that I might try out for my sister.

The point is that I have to start and I can’t be worried that it would look better if I knew more fancy stitches. They’ll be happy that I spent so much time on them and it’s not like they’re going to look horrible. I need to get some bigger needles, then I’ll be off and knitting, trying to meet my deadline.

So, do you think this’ll be enough for 7 scarves?

If you’ll notice, bamboo sticks. And bamboo yarn- SO SOFT. I feel special. Like I’m going to be a real knitter. Plus, circular needles. I plan on doing more simple scarves, but each one will teach me something new or set in a skill. Circular needles, color changes, working with novelty yarn, ect. Also, I bought felting wool. Omg, I’m going to felt. I’m going to felt hard.

I was so excited that I immediately came home, got a beer, and broke out my circs. Wish me luck!


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One Room Down

 So yes. I have been busy. I’ve also been lazy. We’ll leave it at that.

 I finished the bedroom. It’s so much better than I imagined. Well, actually it’s nothing like I imagined, but I like it. The room feels so much larger and my bed doesn’t dominate the small space quite as much as I thought. It feels cozy. The funky walls remind me of a cottage or vintage french country feel. It’s very neutral and relaxing. There are a few more things that need to be worked out, but I’m so happy with it.

It feels roomier than it looks, but keep in mind that it is an 8×10 room. All my clothes and bed linens will be in there, plus extra stuff so I’ve done a very good job of organizing. I just can’t believe it. I rented this apartment because it had this extra room. I needed a bigger apartment, but couldn’t find anything to do with this room so that I would use it and not waste my money. I love this arrangement. I always felt that I was wasting space on a bigger than necessary bedroom. All I need is a bedside table and bed. Now I can use the old bedroom as a craft room and study space- actually using the space I’m paying for and giving more space to bigger priorities. I feel really good about this.

 The craft room and living room are coming along well, and I will post pictures of everything when they’re finished. Two rooms to go.

As much as I didn’t want to flake out on the quilt, I am. I found out that the only class that’s important gives extra credit for giving blood. This is the first time I’ve been able to give blood and I can use it for two classes. I also have enough backing material for at least 5 baby quilts now. So, I’m going to save my time studying for my tests next week instead of cramming in a quilt that will turn out badly and waste time that could be better spent right now. I will get to them though. Really. Besides, I need to finish the hotrod quilt once I get my room set up. I just saw my friend the other day and she’s already showing. I want to get it done before Dude is born, damn it.  

I’m also starting a website. I free one, so nothing huge or complicated. But I’ve always wanted to try my hand at it. I’ll post a link when it’s officially up and running. Since they’re are no decorating pictures, you guessed it- cat pics. This time featuring Stuart Bunny, a textbook, and part of my leg.


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