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Just had to share.

Dead on, I think.

you are coral

Your dominant hues are red and yellow… most of what you do is motivated by your need to change things and have a good time, but you’ve been known to settle down and think out a situation, too. You tend to surprise people just when they’re starting to feel like they’ve got you down.Your saturation level is higher than average – You know what you want, but sometimes know not to tell everyone. You value accomplishments and know you can get the job done, so don’t be afraid to run out and make things happen.

Your outlook on life is very bright. You are sunny and optimistic about life and others find it very encouraging, but remember to tone it down if you sense irritation.

the spacefem.com html color quiz

My code didn’t paste perfectly, so I just copied the box. The link should still work though if you’d like to find your color.


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It’s Not Knitting! It’s Swatching…

Hey all. So I’ve been a mix of lazy and gone, hence no posts. You don’t care though, so let’s move on to the good stuff. Scarves. Awesome, I know.

 Really though, I have been making some good progress. I started on my grandmother’s scarf when I went up to my mom’s for the Apple Festival. It’s become my main project while my step-dad’s scarf is relegated to my passenger’s seat so I can work on it when I’m out and need something to do. To date the Grandmother Scarf is 8 1/2 inches of fuzzy pink stockinette. With flub. Only one though and it’s not so bad. These size 7 needles took a while to get used to and it seems so slow. Once I’m done with scarves though, I am GOING TO LEARN how to do other stitches. Step-dad scarf is a whopping 35 inches. Or whopping to me. I’ve added almost a foot to it since I last posted.

Plus, and I said I wouldn’t do this until I finished the others, I started two more scarves. Well, I’m telling myself it’s SWATCHING but let’s be honest here. One is my step-mom’s. With hers I realized that 4 inches is too thin for these scarves, so we’re going with 5-6. Still relatively skinny, less yarn, and faster, but also more substantial. They had another colorway of the yarn I’m using on hers that I liked more but only one skein of it. I’m realizing now that I probably only need one skein, but oh well. We’ll just have to see. I couldn’t help myself from breaking out Rebekah’s yarn. Bamboo! I know, everyone else has done it already but I had no idea we sold it down here and everyone is right- it’s outrageously soft and so nice to hold. That one really is still in the swatch phase, but I think a nice stockinette will really show off the wonderful texture and softness. Two garter stitch and two stockinette in the works.

As of earlier this afternoon:

You like the little yellow socks? Mom got them.

Anyways, I also spent my birthday money on  the pets. Over $100 at PetSmart. Not PeopleSmart, obviously. Here’s Felix being brave and touching his new water bowl. It’s blurry because he kept edging closer.

Alright. I’ve got so much stuff I want to do in this blog. I’m doing NaBloPoMo next month, along with my food blog because I have a death wish, and I plan on introducing some new things then. I don’t do it now because, well…. lazy? Eek. Bad excuse, but so true. I’ll have a reason to be on every day and the chance to talk about and show things I haven’t before. Everyone be on the lookout next month.

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Today, It’s Fall Again

I’ve barely even started my day, by that I mean the work that must be done before I head to class, but I had to drop in and hope that everyone is enjoying such a beautiful day as I am. It was fall for a few days, then summer all over again. Hot and sunny and not at all what was promised for those few glorious days. But lo and behold! I went out to water the plants today and it really is fall. I don’t know for how long, but it will come sure as the night.

I’ve thrown open all the windows that don’t stick and am contentedly reading my English homework to a mild fall breeze. I have high hopes for the Apple Festival this weekend and plan to enjoy a walk later tonight. Even though I have absolutely nothing of importance to say, I wanted to let the world know that I was happy and I hope you are too. Fall is here!

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Step-Dad Scarf

Well, I haven’t been knitting like the wind or anything, but I have made progress. The last time I showed it off, it was 18″. As of today, it is… 23″? Hey! I worked on it. I pulled it out lots of times. I just only did a few rows in a sitting.


It’s never getting done.

But! There is hope and lessons learned. I only have to have 3 scarves done on time, and really only one in a pinch. Besides, this scarf is a whopping 10″ wide. I figured “hey, he’s a big guy, he should get a big scarf.” Only North Georgia isn’t exactly the Arctic and he’ll probably only wear it a few times. I can’t face frogging it and starting over, so he’ll get the only really substantial scarf in the lot. The rest can be- and for many reasons should be- much thinner. I’m thinking about 6″ for my dad. That’s still thick and manly, right? For the ladies, between 4″ and 5″. Skinnier scarves are more practical and girly for them. They’ll also knit up a hell of a lot faster.

Since I’m going up to my mom’s for the Apple Festival this weekend and plan to knit, I’m obviously not going to take my step-dad’s gift with me to ruin the surprise. Plus, my grandmother’s scarf- the one that must be done on time- will be done using smaller needles. I’ll get a jump on The One That Must Be Done now and have progress done on two. It’ll make me feel better at least. And hey, I’m still working on them. It just gets crazy in college and people get debilitatingly lazy.

Here is my monster of a scarf.

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I’d Like to Introduce

My brand spanking new dining set! Ta Da!

Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s a 3′ ft high pub table with all 4 benches and it was less than $300 after tax. Can you believe it? My dream table? Simple yet striking frame, beautiful dark wood, pub height, sturdy benches- not frilly, not flimsy- just clean, high-impact dining. For cheap as hell. And I didn’t even want to kill myself putting it together. OhgodIminheaven.

 Now there will be no more of this-


And tons of this.

Did you like how classy I tried to make fast food look?

To read about the things I will put on it- like the pumpkin cheescake I just made- visit my food blog, Mostly Adventurous Eating.

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Fall Flakiness

Or, It Posted! 

No, I don’t mean my skin. I mean me. Now that the first nip is in the air- and by nip I mean something not broiling, because yeah, I live in South Georgia- I’ve started to fall into major hippy mode.

Fall is my season. I start to come alive and really enjoy life. I start wearing clothes that let me feel the breeze and walk around barefoot enjoying the tactile sensations of warm, worn concrete sidewalks and prickly-soft grass. I start missing class because “it’s just such a gorgeous day!” and wandering off while I’m supposed to be doing something. This is also my biggest planting season, even though I know I’ll have to bring everything I buy indoors in a matter of weeks. My windows are opening, my curtains are coming up, I’m thinking about holiday food and the turning of foliage. It’s not about the holidays for me. It’s about this glorious time of year. I wallow in it.

Also, I found the yarn I’m going to use for the 8th scarf. There are some scarves that need to be finished on time, while others can wait. This one has to be done on time. I went to Goodwill the other day and saw yarn for the first time. And guess what? Not just any yarn. Yarn that my grandmother will like in 20% mohair. 3 skiens for a dollar. Oh hell yeah. I wish I could do something fancier than stockinette with it, but I don’t think I’ll have time judging by my past efforts to learn it and get it done with the rest on schedule. It’s just as well. She’ll also love it because I made it. Here’s the lineup.

It’s October already. I need to step on it.

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All Things Genius

Usually turn out crap. Or it looks that way today at least. I’ve been writing a post and saving it here yet, despite the fact that I’ve hit the post button numerous times, it’s still not posting and I have no idea why. WordPress is pissing me off today.

Today was also the day to put up curtains on my sliding doors. It was going to be awesome. Only it wasn’t. The hooks won’t go deep enough in the wall, they’re at different heights (how the hell…), they look like crap, and they hold the curtains too high. Disaster.

Add crap picture to that because I can’t be assed to stand up and show the full extent of the suckiness. I have a new idea for them that I think will work better. But more work!

On top of that, I’ve been fretting about my baby all day. My sweet, shy baby who can only stand all of four people and is permanently attached to my lap. Who is scared to death of the vets and their invasions on him. Who I dropped off today so they could CUT OFF HIS KNUCKLES. I tried everything with him, but there’s nothing for it but to declaw him. I hope he’s okay. They said he was. I feel like a horrible person.

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