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I hate this Swap

It’s giving me a hell of a headache. Remember that great idea I had? Not so great. Well, I mean it was a good idea. It might have future applications. But under the weight of buttons and wonky placement, the yo-yos didn’t hold their 3D shape so well and it looked… well, stupid.


So that was ripped apart. But wait! I had another idea.








I’m sorry- I cannot get a decent picture of it, so here’s two to give you some idea. I… don’t know if I like it. Honestly guys, is this something only a mother could love? If it is, I’m not pawning it off on someone else. This took forever and was such a pain. I’ll try two more of these because they’ll be different variations, and I’ll make my decision after. I’ve got a few more ideas up my sleeve if they don’t work, but I know one of the swap members is leaving in mid-December. It’ll have to be quick. Look what these damn ornaments have done to my couch! There’s only a Zylo-shaped spot left.

 Also, LAST DAY! It’s finally freaking over. It’s been great and junk, but damn. Damn! Now I just have to figure out how to put a badge on here and it’ll be great. But my wordpress page doesn’t seem to like me too much. It might be dicey.


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I am officially doing a swap. It’s so freaking exciting. Or it was, last night when I found out. Now that I’ve sat down and thought about it, I’m getting nervous. The ornament shape itself is turning out really cool. However, I’ll be adding a handful of buttons to each one and I’d like them all to be different. Now, logically I know that no one expects to like everything they get because we all have different taste, but I would be so pleased if they liked them. Some might be glitzy and shiny while others are subdued and vintage. There were a few websites listed for some of the people on my list, so I might stalk them and see if I can’t guess. Also, Miss Gioia is on my list! I visit her site and now I’m going to be sending her an ornament. Can I be stoked about that?

I’ll be sending out some of the Christmas scarves here pretty soon. I actually had a conversation with my grandmother the other day and she was telling me how wonderful it was to get something handmade. Score 1 Zylo. Also, she was telling me about the old quilting groups her mother had and how she still has several hand-quilted quilts that I COULD HAVE SOMEDAY! Score a zillion.

The boyfriend’s scarf has been started. This will be my first attempt at felting. This is also my first project with pure wool. I’m using bamboo needles and I found it very hard in the beginning. The yarn didn’t have any give and it wouldn’t slide off my needles easily. It started off very tight, but I think I’ve gotten the hang of it. I’m afraid of it curling even with felting, so I’m just going with garter stitch on this one. I’ve seen so many beautiful pictures and read all these blogs about knitting wool on wood needles. It just seems so rustic and romantic, and now I have a bit of that for my very own. I’ll have to see if it’s worth it.

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December Challenge

Nablopomo is coming to a close and it tastes pretty bitter sweet. On one hand, I’ll be free again. I won’t feel rushed and have to pull something crafty out of my ass when all I’ve done that day is go to school, study, and pick my nose. On the other hand, I usually look forward to it. It’s become part of my daily routine. They say it only takes 3 weeks to form a new habit. While I won’t be posting everyday after November, I think I will be updating much more frequently then I used to.

This brings me back to the idea of monthly challenges. I’ve always loved the idea and wanted to do it, but never have. This was the first month and it sure helped to have people suffering blogging away with me. Only, finding monthly craft challenges hasn’t turned up many results. Plus, I don’t want to do just crafts, I want to challenge my life. I joined a Flickr group, Get Your Crafty On, where they host monthly challenges. I signed up to do a Christmas Ornament swap. I hope we get enough people because I think I have a cool idea and I’ve never done a swap before, though I don’t have much I can do with ornaments for myself.

Still, it doesn’t feel like enough. I don’t want another huge challenge like this month because, you know, Christmas Clusterfuck and all. But I will challenge myself.

I’m going to knit every day. It doesn’t have to be much, but I will keep finishing up these projects and moving on to learn more skills.

I’m going to read a book a week. I used to be such an avid reader. There are still times when I’ll tear through a couple books in a few weeks or so, but my usual reading is abysmal. Seriously, like 3 books a year and two are usually Harry Potters. There are so many more books I want to read and things I want to explore, but I manage to tell myself that I don’t want to read for whatever reason and I miss out. Not next month. I’m already into Wicked.

I’m going to cook one paper recipe a week. If you haven’t read my food blog, this might sound weird. I have a monumental stack of clipped recipes that need serious thinning. Is it so much to ask? To cook one paper recipe a week? No, but I’ve managed to avoid it before.

This sounds good to me and I’m excited about it. Anyone else have a December challenge? Anyone want to join me?

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Rolls and Rolls

I had so much fun and liked the look of my sister’s scarf so much that I decided to make myself one. Then I remembered an old family friend who’d love one too, so I made her one. Then I remember another friend who’d like it, so I’m going to make her one as well. Plus I worked on my best friend’s scarf today.

 Here’s the skinny on the skinny scarves. I used two strands of eyelash yarn. One was Patons Cha Cha and I think the other was an off brand. They looked the same, but one was purple and one was all the colors of a peacock feather. I thought they looked great together. The trick to working with this stuff was to shimmy your stitches after each row to clearly see them.


Obviously, I had the benefit of using big needles. I did 6 stitches for each scarf. I made scarves that measured 58″, 42″, 30″. The longest is for my sister, the next longest for the family friend, and the shortest for me because it’s the perfect length to tie at the neck. I ran out of the purple first but only by two feet or so. Instead of adding the other ball I had, I just tied the end of the longer yarn to the end of the shortest and tied with the peacock color doubled over. It worked very well. With a ball each, roughly the same yardage, and size 17 needles you could get three scarves that were each 43″ long (3 1/2 feet) or two 65″ scarves (5 1/2 feet). Both are decent lengths for skinny, fluffy scarves. They’re light and pretty and can be worn for ornament anytime of the year.

 I also finally bought those huge yarn needles so I can do a decent job of weaving in ends. Up to this point, I didn’t really care. I guess I have no excuse now, huh?

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On a Bigger Roll

So… I feel awesome.

Not only did I finish my dad’s scarf. 1 ball Bernat Alpaca on size 10 needles- 53″x 4-ish”


I also finished my sister’s scarf. 2 strands of eyelash yarn, size 17 needles, 52″x2″.


And have started on my best friend’s.



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On a Roll

Dude, yesterday when I blogged about the scarf it was 19 inches long. By the time I left the boyfriends house that night/morning, it was 33 inches. Maybe that’s not a lot to you. Maybe you can sit and knit for feet. But I totally can’t. The older I get, the more I realize that I have freakish creative ADD and can’t sit and do anything for more than 20 minutes. I counted it as a personal victory when I knitted 20 rows a day. Yeah, it’s bad. So this was amazing to me. I think I can knock it out in the next day or two.

This is just a little snapshot of last night. I liked the way the yarn, my slip, my skin, and the tiles all blended together to make a really calming, cozy scene. Plus, I had a fluffy bunny not three feet from me.

I’ve been trying to find charities that accept scarves. I heard the red scarf project has had to restrict people on the number they can send it because they’re getting so many, so that’s out for me. I also know there are tons of charities that accept warm things- not just scarves- for lots of people and reasons. There’s a ton of stitches I want to try out and I’d like to donate warm items rather than do swatches. So here’s what some searching came up with.

I found a list of knitting related charities over on this site. I also found a charity search function on the Lion Brand website that will make your head spin with how many charities will take scarves. Here’s another list from the Daily Knitter. Or how bout this one on Knitty.com or this one on BellaOnline? There are tons more. The problem now is deciding which one to do and what to knit. Decisions, decisions.

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Progress and Thoughts

Dad’s scarf is coming along nicely. I’ve been knitting on it every day now and it’s over a foot and a half long. I’m still wondering why the stitches on the side are so huge, but it’s not a big deal. After his, I’m going to do my sister’s because I’d like to send them all out in one package.

Today is mostly a cleaning day; my apartment needs it. Badly. There are tons of recycled craft projects that I’d like to do, but saving up plastic bottles and cans and a million other things without cleaning them and with no place to put them isn’t good. I bit the bullet and put them in bags to recycle. There will always be more where they came from when I can make the time and place to do it.

I’ve seen a ton of Handmade Christmas badges around the blog world. I don’t think I’m technically participating since I’m not buying handmade, but I am hand-making from store bought yarn. Still counts as something better than buying my grandmother yet another cookie set. This blog, Journey of 1000 Stitches..., is doing a Homemade Christmas. I signed up for it, but can’t do buttons to save my life so here is a link to the post. I’m asking for lessons on granny squares from my mom. Alright, a bottle of good olive oil and balsamic vinegar too. I’m only human.

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