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Not Quite Back

I’ve had a very emotional last two weeks. Getting dumped sucks, but I’m on my way to recovery. I even knit for the first time a few days ago. Hopefully, I’ll be back soon.


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Quick Decoupage

I’ve had a Whitman’s sampler box laying around for a while, just begging to be prettied up. Then I remembered, hey, Valentine’s Day. Now might be a good time to make something. Hence, prettier box.


I’m no decoupage master, but it’s a nice start. Plus, glitter!

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Winks 2-13-08

My favorites list is so full of this week’s links that it makes me feel a bit nauseous. How did they all get there? How did I ever find so many?

Patterns and Tutorials:

Are you a dirty girl? Well, then learn how to make a bath bomb with a surprise in the center. For less than $6, you can download the pattern for a knit deep v-neck vest to die for. I will make this one day. Don’t like vests, but still cold? Try a 3D crochet sweater. I love to see all these Anthropologie inspired patterns because 1) awesome and 2) so much cheaper! It just so happens that lately, I’ve been getting obsessive about scarves, capelets, and shawls. So, the best of both, Anthro-inspired capelet. Do you love Amy Butler’s line of fabric? Why not use some of her free patterns to do it justice? And I love this comfy looking duvet cover made from old shirts.

Inspirational Finds:

If you haven’t heard of Skinny laMinx yet, you should go there now. It’s run by Heather Moore who caught the craft world’s eye with her amazing paper cuts. Like these.

See anything you like? Well, with some ingenuity, you could make any of these. From top left, comic strip jewelry,  fried marbles, a whimsical wood clock, and a monster wreath.

If you have some time, paint chips, and wire on your hands, you could make an awesome wire tree for me yourself. Or maybe a faux mosaic table is more your style. Got old shower curtain rings laying around? Turn them into ornaments. No home office is complete without a custom corkboard. I desperately want to make this wine rack out of a pipe. It’s handy because I’ve been having design ideas centered around pvc pipes as well.

Stores and Products:


Have you ever seen a cooler candelabra? Probably not. I can’t for the life of me figure out how much it is in US dollars though.

Since paper cuts have been so inspiring for me lately, it’s not hard to see why I thought these gatesfrom Arte de Mexico looked like delicate works of art. And it doesn’t get more delicate than the ladies from this Pirelli calendar spread. The second picture on the top is my favorite. And I’m spent.

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Latest Trash Treasure

I love to dumpster dive. I’m not really hardcore, but I always keep my eyes peeled for anything that I might be able to use. Last night, I scored a decrepit old frame, a wooden… thing, and a very warped picture.

And speaking of pictures, I haven’t introduced you to my frame wall, have I?

I was just ridiculously proud of all this. I followed all the good advice out there and did it like you’re “supposed to”. You know, with all the fiddly cutting pieces of paper to match the frame and rearranging until you can’t stand it. PLUS, and this just tickled me pink, I drew exactly where the hangers were on each piece of paper so I could hammer the nails right through the paper into the wall, then just match up the picture with the outline and easily hang them. I am amazing.

My saved favorite list for this Wednesday exploded. There are just so many things I’m excited to show you that I might have to start early. Seriously, I don’t know what happened this week with inspirational links but I wish every week were like this. How about just a peek?

What do you think? Genius? I think making them for bookshelves would be funny. You know, rows and rows of classic, leather-bound books pulled away to reveal stacks of comics or something? Or maybe a shiny red Mustang to pull over your 95 Nissan Maxima with the torn off front bumper. They’re from a Mr. Mark Cutler who is not only a designer but also a blogger. Okay, just one more.


If the bed is rockin… you might get nauseous. It sounds like a good idea, it might even be fun for a while, but am I the only one who would be scared of death from my bed rolling me down a steep hill. Most accidents happen in the home, you know. Still, awesome idea and very attractive for a potential death trap. Click the picture for more information.

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Yellow and Gold

Yellow and Gold

Originally uploaded by Zylo Lugosi

Say hello to my other knitting project. The stitch pattern came from my 365 Knit calendar. You can’t see it in the picture, but I’m carrying a gold metallic thread with my yarn for a bit of extra flash. Nothing too over the top, just a hint of sparkle when the light hits it right. I’m really loving this one.

Otherwise, the cardigan is getting there. I’m about to finish the first sleeve. After that, one more sleeve and the collar. Oh, and the heartache and scariness of seaming it together. I’m actually a bit terrified of that, to tell the truth.

Oh! Remember those paper ornaments from my last Winks post that I loved so much? They are actually from the lovely Heather Bailey. See them on a stick. See them on a string. Also, I am completely incapable of doing them. Let’s just say that wonky cutting, bad folding, and me being absolutely retarded with glue does not make for fun. Seriously, I did something so stupid with that damn glue that I’m ashamed to tell what it was, save to say that it involved a great deal of clean-up and maybe my cat’s tail being glued together. Maybe.

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Winks 2-6-08

Man, where do I start? I feel like my links are all over the place this week.

Since Valentine’s is coming up, there have been a glut of V-day tutorials and ideas. Here are my favorites, delivered with enough time for you to actually get cracking if you’re the type to actually crack around this time of year.

I love all these heart garlands and mobilesI’ve been seeing around blogland. And I just love this adorable cardI found on flickr. Or maybe sexy string panties are more your style? Why not try your hand at an origami heart with the help of a video. For more inspiration, check out these candy heart scarves.

I sent this tute for crocheted bellydance accessories to my mom a while back, but I might be able to make them too in the near future. I can’t get these paper globe ornaments out of my head. I’m keep imagining what they’d look like with magazine paper. And not a tutorial but look at this knit manatee! I wants it! And I always wondered what to do with that velvety yarn that wasn’t too funky. I love the idea of using beads in the trench of a ribbed scarf like the free shazam pattern. Maybe with a more pronounced zig-zag. Or maybe go with something funky like this tetris scarf. I’ve had that idea in my head for a while, but never saw one.

Craft Gossip is a new to me craft site, updated all the time. Plus, a whole site dedicated to teaching you how to make your own soap. Check out Sakura Kitty Creativeson Etsy for soso cute accessories.

There are several sites I found with inspiring decor as well. Like aqua creations, a site that carries a lighting line that reminds me of a mix between fine Japanese paper origami and sea creatures. Schonbek is a well known line of chandeliers, but I’ve been captivated by their Bolero line since I started seeing it advertised in decorating magazines months ago. I mean, check out that Riley Orange! And the material used to cover the chain looks like colored smoke. If you have the money, this might be a good site to pick up those botanical prints that have made a comeback. Designers Guild USA still has their autumn/winter 07 line up with linens that remind me of both damask and Paris tourism.

I visited Maine Cottage because of a picture of this desk in lime green, but the whole site if full of crazy color. And for color on the floor, check out these incredibly inspired rugs at Sweep Dreams. Maybe it’s just me, but I got ridiculously excited about metal tiles- a new idea to me. You can find some lovely ones at the Walker Zanger site.

That’s all for this week!

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My Throat Hurts

This better pass by Sunday night because I don’t want to suffer through classes sick. Don’t get all sappy for me though, just a sore throat, general achies, and sluggishness. Nothing like how I used to get sick. Maybe this just means I’m healthier now.

Good news on my cardigan, I’ve finished 2 out of 6 pieces. This includes the back which is the single largest piece. So far so good. A couple of minor flubs that no-one should be able to see. After this though, I really need to figure out how to knit more even stitches. Most of this is done in stockinette and the only thing that saves it is the yarn. Seriously, my stockinette looks like some of the slip-stitch patterns I’ve seen- really tiny purls and huge knits. I know that the knit stitch is bigger than the purls, but damn.

Otherwise, I’ve done nothing but surf the net and watch rented TV shows. I did discover the slideshow option on flickr though. If you knit while you read on the internet and lament all the stitches you could be doing while you have to click around flickr, never fear! Of course, if you’re a normal person you’ll never have to worry about that. Just me.

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