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New Yarn and Project

I was up in North Georgia for spring break. If there was one yarn shop I knew I should hit it was Knitch due to numerous glowing reviews. None of them were wrong. It was two stories of beautifully styled displays, gorgeous yarn, and incredibly friendly staff. Seriously, these people rule. And the building they were in! If you’re ever there, head up the spiral staircase and look out the back windows. So awesome. While I was there, I picked up this little beauty.

I’ve been a bit fascinated with lace of late and wanted something beautiful that I could play with. They even have a discount if you bring your own bag.

I drive through Macon on the way home and decided I needed a bit more knit action. Cue Creative Yarns. Again, very friendly staff. One of the ladies even went to college in Valdosta! They make very good use of limited space and are stocked with yarn as well as spinning and weaving accessories. I’ve wanted some good sock yarn and a… jammy thing I can use when I build my own loom. Plus, I picked up some kind of ruffly yarn on sale.

Does anyone live in Macon? I tried to visit a store called Me and Thee but I think they closed down. Oh well. Still walked away with some lovely stuff.

I finished my calorimetry a week ago as well. I only cast on 80 stitches because of all the reviews I read that said the pattern was huge. The scrap ball I used wasn’t on gauge either. I also decreased the number of rows. The pattern was nice, but I want more of a headband next time. Mostly it was to hold down my mini-fro when I drive with the windows down. Also, please note that I got to use my first “fancy” button from my stash. Yay.

And my most current WIP. This was what I frogged earlier because I don’t like the yarn with the lace detail. I’m trying something else as we speak.


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Month from Hell

Considering that this is what’s left of my car


I may not be updating for longer yet. I keep telling myself that this month can’t get any worse and am constantly proven wrong. Just call me Murphy.

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