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My Sister Knits

Can you believe I’m updating the blog on vacation? I can feel the relief coming off you in waves. Still, I figured that I’d tell you about a knit shop I’ve been to several times now. My Sister Knits is located near downtown Fort Collins, Co. It’s a cute little shop behind a house. Guys, they have a chicken coup. Seriously. With two stories of yarn, they are definitely stocked, plus they have a good selection of Addi Turbos. I just bought a set of these and am in love, so this is really nice for me. What’s also nice is that they have a good return policy for those of us who don’t read directions and have to return damn near everything we buy. This is especially important since I’ve started a new project intended for a Christmas present and it’s a little expensive on a college student budget.

Curious about what’s on the needles now? I’ll give you a hint: lace. So far, I haven’t messed up once and I think it’ll turn out just like I hoped. Since the recipient reads this blog, I might not be able to post pics anytime soon, but expect a full write up in the future. I’ve very excited about this, so I might not be able to restrain myself.


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I need to be doing more productive work so that I can leave on vacation without leaving things undone or feeling guilty. Which, of course, means I’m doing things like looking at old adventure pictures. I’ll clean the catbox later.

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For My Viewing Pleasure

I finally got a print framed that I’ve had laying around for over a year now. The second I saw her online, I knew she had to be mine. And now I can stare at her as long as I like. The frame was 50% off at Hobby Lobby ($15) and the custom cut non-glare glass was $12. If I had known it would be that cheap, I would have had her framed when I bought her!










She’s right next to my bed. Everyone needs a mysterious woman near their bed.

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Anna’s Shawl

Remember that fluffy blob of awesomeness? That blob that I said I would debut last Wednesday? Well… ta da! It’s still a Wednesday, right? Shut up.

My friend is an art major and painted a piece that I fell in love with. More than that, she was willing to give it to me because I could give it a good home. As a thank-you, I knit her a simple but funky shawl. I found the basic pattern on Ravelry, also linked here, and added both the middle and side increases every other row in plain garter stitch. I decided not to add them for the last color because I was using it to frame the piece, but it made the bottom curl a little. Not too much, but I won’t be doing that again.  I stocked up on the prettiest and squidgiest novelty yarns available. I can’t help myself around novelty yarns. Thankfully, she loved it and can’t wait to wear it. And I totally finished a project! You didn’t think I could do it, did you?




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Blogroll Updates

This may not be as exciting to the rest of you as it is to me, but I’ve updated the blogroll yet again. I found an option where I can caption the links. If you hover your mouse over the site link, it’ll give you a brief description of what I think the site is all about. Yay! Alright, I’ve spent all morning doing it, but I thought it was important.

Also important, I will have a guest blogger here within the next few weeks to show off her incredible artwork series that I fell madly in love with. Look out for that soon- as in whenever I can figure out what the hell I’m doing. I’ve got lots of crafts and projects in various stages of doneness just waiting to be slapped up and talked about. All coming soon. Really really promise. Really.

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Ladies Go Crazy Bout a Sharp Dressed Can

Or bottle.

Or even arm.

Quick cable knit in acrylic and stockinette in Linie 194 Solo for a frill as you go knit, because ruffles on a beer bottle is just funny enough to merit knitting. For my sister’s birthday.

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Why Beer Cozies Suck

I finally finished one. I wanted to have at least two to send to her. Unfortunately, I’ve ripped out a million attempts by now. Including one done in this novelty yarn and one with my own cable pattern and classy buttons.

That kinda looks like a face. Anyways. To avoid working on the next in a long line of failures, I’ve decided to get my blood pumping in another way. Namely, winding 875 yards of lace-weight alpaca around a toilet paper tube.

This is what I’m driven to when all the yarn stores are hours- HOURS- away. I’m scared.

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