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Possible Hiatus

This one’s not my fault. Or, it probably is but I didn’t mean to. Essentially, me and my computer aren’t talking and she went to stay at a friends house for a while until we can work it out. I don’t know how long this will be, but I have to do all my necessary computer work at school, which makes it a pain to do anything fun. Like update blogs and load pictures. I’ve got all those Christmas plans in the works, plus I’m getting a jump on my apartment and actually CLEANING it. This is helped greatly by the fact that I just bought a vacuum. I haven’t had a fully operational one in… close to a year? There may be some decorating going on. Won’t say. With the computer kaput and holidays fast approaching, it may be a while. I’ll see what I can do.


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FO: Pink Petals Scarflette

This amazingly simple scarflette is my favorite creation to date. Seriously. My mom gave me this yarn and, while cute, I had no idea what to do with it. You can imagine my amazement when this too-novelty, too-pink yarn turned into a swath of petals before my eyes. I learned my lesson not to judge too harshly until I’ve swatched. Plus, I got to use another button. You know how happy that makes me.

I’ve got several more projects in the works, most for Christmas, some not. I’m hoping to get a real pattern up for the diagonal drop stitch scarf soon since* no one understood that post. If at first you don’t succeed and all. That and I don’t want my mom hounding me.

*Mess of sounds you know you want to say out loud. Do it. Doooo it.

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Christmas Suckery

Well, like last year, I started in September with the best of intents. Unfortunately, like ever, my intentions and laziness are at odds. Still, I’m on my way to completing the Xmas crafts in time. Hopefully. Maybe.

I made up my wish list for this year. Then I realized if I made all the things I wanted to, I might have to kill myself and everyone on the list. So, I made the realistic one– much simpler. I did have to downgrade a project I’d been working on since the summer. I had to downgrade a lot of projects in fact. It hurts a bit, but I know that I can get them done at another time and that the recipients will like what they get now.

So, the first round are the presents I have to get done on time. These are usually for family that I don’t see often. Washcloths and homemade soap. No, not cold press soap like I wanted. Glycerin soap that I’m still trying to convince myself isn’t cheating. You see, I had a bit of a dilemma about whether I was going to pick up and move or not. I’ve decided not, but cold press soap wouldn’t be done in time for the holidays even if I cooked it up right now. Too bad. Still, I’m staying put for a while, so I should get around to it sooner than later.

I’ve got three sets of dishcloths to knit and I’ve got them mostly complete. The basic granny’s are done though. Pretty, huh?  I’ve got all but two done. It actually makes me feel hopeful. Now if I can just get the rest done in such good time.

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