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March Challenge

So let’s recap a bit. February’s challenge consisted of going to class no matter what. Because of the mid-challenge check-ups I posted, we all know that I wasn’t perfect. There were days I skipped because of the fiance coming into town. There were days that I couldn’t drag myself out of bed. In essence, I was still me. However, I can guarantee that I made it to class a lot more than I would have had I not issued myself the challenge. I am in a much better place as far as making myself go when I don’t want to. So was the challenge perfect? Not by a long shot. Was the challenge successful? I would give it a resounding yes. The intent was to make myself more accountable and try to scrounge up that “get-up-and-go” that I used to have so much of. It’s starting to come back now.

February: Challenge Complete

With February over before I knew it, I found myself unprepared for March. There were several challenges I was interested in doing. But you know what? I started exploring some before I even issued a challenge! I’m discovering an alter ego named Princess Fifi that I wasn’t aware I had. I’m getting down to cooking more and trying to stick to a very bare bones budget to save for my move after graduation. I’ve even broken out a few projects I’ve been meaning to try. So what to do?

March’s challenge is to read the paper every day. I know, not really that big for some of you. However, I had to subscribe to the Wall Street Journal for a class and this is the first time in my life that I can read news in print. This challenge makes sense now because I’m desperately trying to figure out my future, make myself more marketable, and I’m not renewing this subscription. The rules: I don’t have to read it cover to cover. I do have to sit down with it and make an honest go of it every day that it’s released (Monday-Saturday). This was the first day and I can say that this might actually make me a much angrier person, but at the very least I will also be more informed. Despite the fact that the WSJ was bought out and now you have to filter your information, as a finance major you can’t find a better resource to stay up to date in this crazy market.

March: Challenge Issued

Also, as a note, I did not make the clock featured in my last post. I wish. I hope to one day be anywhere near that talented. It’s done in crochet and the picture is a link to the site I found it on. Go there for more information. Over and out.


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