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Providence Canyon

Now, I’m not one to take a whole lot of pictures. Sure it’s fun, but that means I have to lug it around. We’re ignoring the fact that it’s small enough to fit in my pocket. I usually take it with me, but never take pictures. As a matter of fact, if I’m going somewhere with my amatuer photographer friends I usually just tell them to send me ones they’ve taken. Still, here’s what I’ve got from our first weekend trip from the April challenge.

The Gang! Youll notice me on the far left. Yeah, Im the one who looks retarded because I couldnt get all my gear on my back.

The Gang! You'll notice me on the far left. Yeah, I'm the one who looks retarded because I couldn't get all my gear on my back.


The first leg of the hike was through a lovely clay creek. Did I mention my boots arent waterproof?

The first leg of the hike was through a lovely clay creek. Did I mention my boots aren't waterproof?


A leftover montage from a previous camping party. This was dinner central.

A leftover montage from a previous camping party. This was dinner central.

The Shovel. Enough said.

The Shovel. Enough said.




One of the more interesting bits of flora we found during our hike.

One of the more interesting bits of flora we found during our hike.


Its alive!

It's alive!

I know I’ve mentioned before how much I hate the picture uploader on WordPress. I think it stands repeating: I HATE the picture uploader on WordPress.

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Saturday’s My New Favorite

Last Saturday was a surprise. It started slow. I rolled out of bed when I felt like it and read for hours while eating. It wasn’t until late afternoon/evening that I ventured out. I stopped for a latte, trying a flavor I hadn’t had in at least a year. The sky was grey with rain and the air was moist and breezy- my favorite kind of day. I was listening to a CD I had just made with some great new songs. Then I headed to Hobby Lobby.

You haven’t heard about any of my new yarn loves because I haven’t had any. I can’t even remember how long it’s been since I was last at a craft store. And I bought yarn! Once back in the car, it hit me: I was having an awesome day. A freaking, whole-heartedly, soul-warmingly GOOD day. It’s been such a bleak time for me, feeling like I’ve completely lost myself and not being able to even accomplish the simplest things. I’ve been lost. Saturday I reclaimed a bit of myself.

I topped off my day with a little exploratory drive and some knitting in front of Jane Austen movies which lead me to a new project. You can’t expect me to work on the same dozen for too long can you? Besides, the only one I could actually find made me want to scream and the only challenging one was MIA. Enter new Hobby Lobby yarn and I am ready to make another shawl. I threw the pattern together and I’m off. Even though I’ve already discovered some problems (miscounts) and discovered that the way I was knitting it was too wide so I effectively rotated the pattern in lieu of frogging. Such is life.

As long as it’s been since I waltzed into a craft store, it’s been nearly as long since I’ve spent any quality time on Ravelry. Oh yeah. Inspiration ho! Knitting is something I look forward to again, even if I only actually knit for 5 minutes and look at it for the other hour. I may not be fast and I may not knit more than two rows a day, but I feel like I may have some FOs this year. Except for this new shawl that reminds me of spring. That might be my FO for spring 2011.

Edit: I’m such a slacker that I couldn’t get this posted last Saturday. Luckily, this one has been much like the last. Only this time, I found my challenging UFO and have knit for hours. Yes, hours. Seriously. I’ve gotten a lot done on it with very few mistakes. Since this is my first real lace piece, I’m quite proud of what I’ve got so far. I think I’m even half-way done!

I’ve promised challenge pictures from last month, and I’ve finally found my camera. They’re coming soon. In the meantime, I’m making good on this month’s challenge and am pushing myself to work more than I have in a good long while. Hopefully, it will pay off as much as I think it will.

I hope everyone is having as good a day as I am. Looking forward to catching up with you guys again soon. Happy Saturday!

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2008 Knits

Looking back over a year, I realized just how much I’ve learned. I could hardly knit and purl in the same row, and here I am, knitting and purling away. I learned about drop stitches, cable stitches, using beads, and working with a ton of different yarns. I tried my hand at entrelac, lace, and shaping.

I also realized how little I’ve knit. Yeah, a couple of shawls and some scarves, a few crochet blocks early in the year, but nothing too grand. It’s nice to know I’ve knit at all since it doesn’t seem like it. But it still seems a little puny. Oh well. I’ve knit, crocheted, made soap, weaved (though I never got around to telling you about it). Plus, there’s always 2009, even if I am off to a slow start. Let’s see what I can pull off this year, eh?

Isn’t this cute? I wrote this in February, probably hoping that by saying this I would be able to psych myself up for more knitting. I feel like such a slacker in the knitting department. Truly, I have been excessively busy. Still, it seems like knitting has become such a large part of my life and how people perceive me that that’s one of the first things they ask about. I’m always thinking of it, but just can’t seem to get around to it.

But guess what? I knit last night. Maybe less than a dozen rows, but it’s knitting right? It’s also on an unfinished Christmas present. It’s for the ex-fiance’s grandmother. The project was an experiment that I wanted to try, but it seemed to be taking forever. Well it is taking forever, but I don’t want to give up on it.

Summer is here and I’ve got a lot to catch up on. I need to start getting my life back in order and start doing the things I love again. Can I get a witness! This is work month right? Well, let’s start working!

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Challenge Recap

Hey everyone. I always feel bashful after such a long hiatus. I do have good excuses this time. No lie. Since spring break back in March, I’ve traveled at least once a month, started a new job, taken on new projects, and broken up with my fiance. Through all of this, my poor apartment has suffered the most. I’ve been desperately trying to catch up with my own life and not always succeeding.

Spring break was spent in Colorado with the now ex-fiance. Then I was off to Dayton, Ohio for the R.I.S.E. Symposium. I was one of eight business students chosen to go, and because we went, we also got wrangled into starting the first portfolio for the stock trading competition done at R.I.S.E. as well as help make plans for our school’s first trading room. It was great to be chosen and get to be involved in all this, but it was during the last month of school, so it was busy and we didn’t get half of what we wanted accomplished yet. Soon. Plus, Dayton was super ghetto. There was nothing there except two notable restaurants: The Dublin Pub and some pizza joint next to an ice cream place that I can’t even remember the name of now. Yeah, it was like that.

Now that we’re caught up, let’s look at March’s challenge: read the paper everyday.

Verdict: Fail. Utterly, miserably, totally fail. I tried for the first few days then caput.

April Challenge: Weekend voyages. My best friend came up with this one inspired by my challenge idea. So for every weekend, we went somewhere new and exciting. For me at least. We tried to do as much outdoor stuff as possible.

Weekend 1: Providence Canyon

It was really pretty. None of us, and there were 7 of us with a dog, had ever really camped before. Sure, I’ve done more car camping than most people can boast, but to hike in with all your gear and water was something else. Over the coarse of two days, we hiked probably 10 miles. Well, they hiked more than that but I shit out because I hurt my leg and am generally a wimp. Still, I had a full experience.

Weekend 2: Renaissance Festival and La Buzz

This is the third year in a row that we’ve gone to the Ren Fair together. Fun as always. Then she took me to her favorite club in Marietta called La Buzz. It’s a club that has a drag show for the first half followed by intense dancing. I got to kiss a drag queen and dance for hours, both things I don’t normally get to do. Had an AWESOME time.

Weekend 3: Okeefenokee Swamp

This one is definitely one to brag about. I’ve never really been on the water before. So for my first canoe trip, we paddled 12 miles into the swamp, camped overnight on a raised platform with alligators next to us, then paddled 12 miles out. I also discovered that I am really NOT good in a kayak. Seriously. I did 3 miles in one and probably covered more ground than anyone since I couldn’t steer to save my life and zig-zagged the entire way. Still, 24 miles on the water and only 1 blister. Beat that on your first time out!

Weekend 4: Love Affair

Okay, this one was just on me since we didn’t have anything planned for that last weekend that was technically in May. Still, I’ve always wanted to go to Love Affair. It’s an outdoor arts festival in Tifton. For Friday night, we met up with our outdoorsy group and had dinner while listening to the jazz band hosted by the festival. Then Saturday, we went to the park for the actual event. I’m amazed at how much talent there is even in such a small place as South Georgia. Showed me, right? I walked away with a beautiful earring tree and almost ALMOST bought a 2 foot tall mushroom to use as an end table from the chainsaw sculpting table. Of all the years I’ve lived in and around Tifton, I’m glad I finally went since this might be the last opportunity I have.

April Verdict: SUCCESS! Wild success.

I’ll be posting some of the (very) few pictures I took during these excursions soon. In the meantime, this month’s challenge.

May Challenge: Work like you mean it.

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