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August Post-a-rama

Edit: I’ve just realized that August isn’t NaBloPoMo. However, I’ve committed to it so I’m still going to try and post every day of August. November is stupid anyway.

I’ve decided to try and do NaBloPoMo again. Why? Because I can! I just finished my two finals today and I have roughly two weeks of (kinda) full time work before I jump right back into school. This sucks balls. However, I’m going to distract myself from this misery by blogging. Besides, I haven’t done it since 2007, and we all know I’m not exactly the most ambitious crafter out there. Hopefully, this will kick me off my butt so that I can get around to all those projects I’ve been wanting to finish/start/try/talk about. Which leads me to…

August Challenge: Blog every day. This goes for my food blog too.

To come up with enough crap to talk about I will be forced to actually craft and talk about the things I’ve been wanting to and/or doing but have been too lazy to type up. In addition, maybe I’ll take a few photo days and see if my camera skillz improve.

Who thinks I’m up for it?!

Anyone? Show of hands? You guys suck.


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I’m Knitting!

And you can’t stop me! I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve hardly knit more than once a month. However, I picked up a (hopefully soon to be) Christmas present Saturday night. I always forget how much I like knitting. Despite the fact that I’m slow and can’t sit down to do it for more than 5 seconds at a time, I still find it relaxing and rewarding. Since then, every night, I set aside time for myself to knit.

Part of that time requires me to face some projects that have been glaring at me balefully for quite some time. Remember that spring shawl that I mentioned. Well, as much as I hated to, I finally bit the bullet and frogged. But it has been reborn! Into what will be a lacy scarf. See?

What I frogged.


What I knit.


That’s 2 nights of knitting right there. Impressive, I know. Regardless, it’s actually knitting and not just the thought. One day I will have a FO to show off, but until that day I will simply relax and knit as slowly as I like.

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Still Life: Desk

I got a new desk at work. Okay, I moved to another desk and claimed it as my own, but still. Unfortunately, it’s now completely barren. No office supplies. No pretty little pictures. Nothing. So I found an empty scintillation vile and made myself a bouquet. Then later, my friend brought in some pink purslane (also called kiss me quick– how cool) to feed her new hungry caterpillar friend (who may one day turn into this). Amid my stolen borrowed paper supplies, it just made this lovely little still life that I couldn’t take my eyes off. Now I share it with you.


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June/July Challenge

Alright ya’ll. I seriously lagged on last month’s challenge. Now, before you get all “I knew it!” on me, let me explain. Remember May’s challenge? Work like you mean it? Yeah, that was just a warm up for June. For two weeks in a row, I was working or in school seven days a week. Now, I’m back down to the leisurely pace of school or work for only six days a week. That one day off is freaking brilliant. Plus, when I work four days in a row, I stay out of town for two days to cut commuting expenses and the days I’m actually home, I only have a few hours before I need to get back in bed. So time has been an issue.
However, it started off well enough. The first week, I got the bathroom, kitchen, and foyer done like I said I would with the exception of cleaning half the counter tops in the kitchen. The next week was the computer room which got about half done, then the living/bedroom where it kept tapering off. I’m still trying my damnedest to get it looking better, but I feel the obstacles in my way are a little more important. The point is, I’m still working hard and trying to rise to this challenge despite everything else. Really. 
June Challenge: I tried. Really. It looks way better than before.

July Challenge: ?

I still haven’t thought of any that would stick. I thought of making this the month to finish those big things that need doing before I graduate, but being so busy makes me wonder if it would be worth the attempt.  What may end up happening is that this month is my just focus on school and maybe clean a little month. This semester’s over in just a few weeks anyway. Any ideas?

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