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Super Secret Xmas Present

Nearly two years in the making! Is this an FO post? Of course not. Do you think I’m actually done with this? No. But I am working on it again. And everyone knows about.

“Remember that Christmas present thing I told you about? Started working on it again. But I can’t tell you about it.”

Can I tease you just a bit?

From Whence It Came

From Whence It Came



Oh yeah.





Give me more!


On paper, I’m so close to 2/3 done. In reality…. it’s a bit less than that. Increasing stitch counts and all. But this is the year! It was meant for last Christmas. Now it’s meant for this Christmas. Help me. Help me!


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As you can probably guess from the last post, my September challenge was a smashing success. Princess Fifi has decided to move into my spare room and badger me at will. We’re very happy together. However, I’m still freaking out with the end of the semester drawing to a close. Especially now that I’m having so many problems with a particular class that I’m worried about actually being able to graduate now.

So in honor of this, my monthly challenge is to do something to move myself forward every day. Vague? Hell yes. I have so many areas that need work that I’m hoping this will help instead of just confuse and annoy me. Right now, it’s going pretty well and I’m hoping it will improve.

Another thing I’m freaking out about is Chrismas. I’ve started rewriting my gift list. Again. Yeah. I have two “large” projects and a handful of smaller ones. The large ones are knit as well. Of course, one is that secret big project that I’ve been working on for nearly two years now. This year is the year. Stop laughing.

Now go watch this video.

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