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And now for something completely different…

Yes, I’ve been crafting. Yes, I’ve been keeping up with my monthly challenge. Yes, I think my finance teacher just fucked us on a test and I want to maybe dunk my head in the toilet and flush. Maybe. But let’s not talk about that.

Let’s instead talk about Shakira’s video for She Wolf. If you haven’t seen it, click below for a laugh a minute. I love Shakira. She could do the hokey-pokey in a schmutzy trash bag and still be sexy. The most amazing thing about her is that she’s fearless with the things she says and the way she moves. Maybe it’s a cultural thing, but I don’t think most of the dancing in this video translated well to the American audience. Mostly, it looks like she’s having a seizure for the first part and then they cut the budget at the end, so she has to do some dance I’m pretty sure I did when I was three wearing a slinky around her neck in front of the crappiest green-screen ever.

I do applaud the beige and black shoe differential in the first part though. For continuity and all.

If that wasn’t funny enough, watch this parody video.

I wish I had dorky friends with video cameras. I would be so all about parodies.


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Project Updates

Super Secret Project: On hold because I actually have to think about what I’m doing as I do it.

Other Secret Project: I chose a vague pattern and am only following the basics so yeah. Please work please work please work. I’m actually about to work on it now. Can you guess what it is yet?


Grandmother’s Project: So named because that’s who it’s for. I saw a clutch in a knitting magazine that used a strand of novelty yarn with a strand of wool. After it was felted, it looked really cool. Since I’ve been wanting to try something like that, plus the clutch is small and hopefully idiot proof, I’m hoping to have it done in time to send off for Christmas. It’s probably better than the cookies I was thinking of sending before. And hey! It’s not a scarf!

And look how far I’ve gotten!


Yarn + Box = Almost Done

That’s right! I’ve put my yarn in a box! Thisclose to being done. But hey, this is a special (shoe) box. It has that nifty hole in the side so I can just run my tails through it without tangling. I feel better already.


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My mom is the crafty sort and I’ve been promising her to take pictures of the stuff she’s made for me for too long now. I’m a slacker. I did take the pictures forever ago, just didn’t get around to posting them. So here is one.

This is the most famous of her presents. My pirate bag has gotten tons of attention and she’s had to make several more for family. DSCF2987

Isn’t he a swarthy fellow? And check out the pirate booty button.


Now, the back was supposed to say “Ye! Intruders beware!” Instead, she used an online translator to put it into french. Now it says “Intruders of Ye Beware!” Those evil Intruders of Ye!


Plus? Skull lining!DSCF2991

It’s even cooler because I have a mini-duffle bag that matches.

Keep in mind, these pictures were taken after about two years of heavy use. I used it as a book bag for a long time, so it’s a bit fuzzy. Still, it’s one of my favorite bags. What do you think?

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T-Shirt Quilt

I’ve been talking about making a t-shirt quilt for years. Mostly, it might have been an unconscious way of letting myself off the hook for never throwing anything out. Within the last year or so, I actually got serious about it, laying out little plans for what I should do. You’ll all be proud to know that a month or two ago, I actually started.

I tackled a mound of t-shirts, made the cutout and sew templates, and carefully cut them all. I have enough now for a small blanket. This got rid of a “never started” project pile and turned it into a “to-do” project pile. The best side effect of this was that this new pile is smaller and will pack better, because I doubt I’ll finish it before I move. We’ll see.


Of course, it might not have taken as long if a certain cat hadn’t thrown up on them and then I had to wash them and now I have to IRON them so they don’t curl and no I’m totally not kidding. I hate my cats.

But! I do have a whole new stack of shirts I had no idea I “owned”. My mom’s apparently been hiding t-shirt all the way back from elementary school. And now I’ll cut them into tiny pieces. Soon.


New Meat

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Two New Projects

Can you really believe I’m that dumb? It’s true! I’ve added two more projects for Xmas presents. Alright. In all fairness, one was already on the list but now I’ve gotten the stuff together to do it. The other… well I think it’s a great idea. At least, I think it’s a great idea right now. No telling how I’ll feel about that near the holidays.

Challenge Update: So far, so good. I’ve gotten a ton of stuff already out the door, about to be out the door, and forming a queue by the door. A whole bin of that stuff is fabric. I’m think of either selling the vintage stuff or doing a give-away/raffle. What do you guys think? I’d love to give it to someone who’d use it as opposed to just Goodwill or someplace. Let me know.

Anyways, this was a quickie because I’ve got a to-do list to get to and some serious, well-deserved relaxation time. Until tomorrow!

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Super Secret Project Errata

Now, the first time I ran through this project, I knew I made mistakes. So many in fact that it was necessary to frog. On this second run through, I fixed the most glaring mistake. Great. However, there are those rows where my stitch count is off. I’ve assumed this to be my fault because it’s so easy to do that with so many yarn overs.

That is until I did the math. I was quite sure that I had done one row right. I had studiously counted and recounted and used pretty much every stitch marker I owned but it still wasn’t adding up. The pattern is wrong. I know, shock! terror! But really, we come to trust patterns. They’re our friends. But if this one line was wrong, what about all those other rows? Was it me? Was it the designer? How will this affect the overall pattern? Wah!

I think, because I’m sort of obsessive, after I finish the project, I’ll point out any wrong rows. I don’t know enough to fix them, but they’ll be there in case anyone is smart enough. In the meantime, watch this (especially you, mom).

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Yes. It’s sad but true: I’m recycling. Okay, that’s not the sad part. What is, however, is that there are certain supplies I’ve been saving since I moved here to do something special with. Of course, seeing how I haven’t yet, I talked myself into the recycling route. It’s good for the environment, good for clearing out junk, and I can get them again when I move.

Like these 6-pack holder things. As I gently laid them in the recycling box, I finally figured out what I wanted to do with them. Purses. And what to do it with. Clear vinyl. So simple.

Goodbye, my loves. Goodbye.

Goodbye, my loves. Goodbye.

The paper box was next to the 2 bottle boxes. I decorated with some, including my pretty blue bottle set that looked lovely with morning sunshine glowing through them. *sigh* Others were meant for a curtain valance project I never got around to (don’t ask). But they’re going to a better place. Well, anywhere out of my place is better at this point.

I’m even, shock! horror!, recycling these cut up magazines. They’ve been gutted for the pages I wanted to keep, then stacked in this box to be dealt with. I wanted to make a small trash can cover with them, a la this. Don’t have the time, but ONE DAY!

Please be proud of me because this hurts my tiny crafting soul.

Also, thank me for not putting up an Achy, Breaky Heart video. You’re welcome.

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