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Talia Vest

If you looked at that picture and thought, “Oh god, she’s starting a new project. What an idiot.” You’d be right! That’s my swatch!

I’ve been complaining about my wardrobe a lot recently and since “Snowmageddon” (can I just say the name is retarded (can I also direct you to this page?)) I’ve been complaining about my lack of layering pieces. Sure, I’m always wearing a tank top underneath and I can layer up to three pieces, but without a decent vest, it just gets too bulky. And since when did they stop selling vests for women? Is it just me? Has it always been like this? Bah!

So I decided to make one. Yep. Me. Now. I figure this will give me the variety I crave. Four projects on the needles: 2 gifts both of which I now hate, one thing (the first EVER) for me to keep, and one where I’m making my own pattern. You have to keep yourself busy, right? Right.

I would like to report that all is going well. The only bits I’ve messed up so far, 1) they were my fault, 2) you can’t see them, and 3) there have only been two. Yes, two. And I guess 4) it’s for me! I can mess it up and not really care! The freedom of knitting for purely selfish reasons.

Will keep you updated on how it’s going probably sooner than you think. Since it’s for me, I’ve been very motivated to knit it and it’s going pretty fast. Well, fast for me. Wish me luck!


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Double Knitting HO!

Yes, children. I have conquered a new technique. Not only is double knitting easy, quick, and versatile, I think I feel a free pattern coming on. Now, don’t get too excited. I’ve got to work it out in my head and then play around with it a bit, but I’d love to get this idea out of my head and onto yarn.

I’m so sorry I didn’t try this sooner. Like most things in knitting, it’s actually much easierĀ thanĀ I expected it to be. The trick for me is remembering to twist the yarns at the start of each new row and keeping my tension even throughout. Behold! Double knitting swatch!

Pretty huh? The two yarns I used are a little different thicknesses but it doesn’t show too badly. Plus, this was just for practice. What do you think? Any other double knitters out there?

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Christmas: Revisited: Again

Yes, I do know how long it’s been. Yes, I’m very sorry. However:
1) I officially have a degree in finance
2) I moved
3) I’m still job searching

So, really, you should forgive me. Especially since I’m back and finally picking up a project that was supposed to be for this past Christmas. Of course, that’s how the world works over here and the intended recipient loves me oh so much.

In a nutshell, that means that I’m working on a project and I can’t tell you about it. But I can tempt you with pictures and promises that I will reveal all when it’s done. If it’s ever done.

Just a teaser

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