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Are We There Yet?

Is it safe to say I’m halfway done? Two skeins down. I finished up the second skein right near my neck shaping and started on the third. !!! So far, I’ve made several mistakes, but most aren’t too glaring. I’ve had some button hole mishaps as well as a few increase oopsies and adding a few stitches in odd places. However, I choose to believe that I’m the only one who can see them and I know I’m the only one who cares.

I’m onto my neck shaping and shoulders. It’s all downhill from here. Just think, I’ll have a real live Finished Object soon. Something wearable and just for me. The only real clothing project ever to be finished. I have a dream!

Just 15 more minutes, guys. Rly.


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Tutorials and Links

Hello! I hope everyone is enjoying their week. I found that my hours are being cut at work (at my already part time job), but I like to think that will leave more time for crafting while job hunting. The power of positive thinking. Or something.

Anyways, to enhance my lazy week, I’ve rounded up a few tutorials I’ve been drooling over the past few days.

I previously introduced you to One Pearl Button. While she’s got many clever tutorials, my favorite is probably this cute bow necklace, hosted on another blog who actually created the second shoe tutorial below. Of course, the bow has many options; the first that popped into my mind was actually to decorate the toe or heel of shoes. I want to get my hands on some leather now. Check it out!

Now I would be completely remiss if I didn’t introduce you to this prolific and very creative Madame of the Fashion World. My new favorite blog is …love Maegan. Here you’ll find what she’s wearing, how she’s wearing it, and how she made it. Seriously, she’s got enough tutorials to make your mind reel – all made with things you probably already have or can pick up cheap. Even as we speak, I have a tab open just for her and can’t stop going through her archives. The first thing I’ll tackle will be the DIY Christian Louboutin Petal Sandles which are too cool for words. Especially since I can’t afford the real thing.

Speaking of awesome shoes. Another new to me blog (Adventures in Dressmaking) has a glittery shoe hack that must be performed. Follow her DIY Christian Louboutin glitter pumps tutorial for some out of Oz fashion. It’s all about Louboutin this week. And also, I can’t resist glitter shoes. I’m weak!

The next chance I get, I’m off to the thrift stores for some cheap heels to hack.

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Out of Wonderland

You know how sometimes you don’t expect something to stick, then it gets in your head and won’t leave you alone? I’ve got something new like that. Since all my books are packed, I had to steal one from a friend for a bit of light reading. Of his collection, I settled on Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass”.

Now I’ll admit, the first half of Alice in Wonderland was like living through an acid flashback. Oh my god. This was one of those times that I was deeply thankful I never put crazy drugs in my system, because living through something like that unexpectedly would probably be enough for me to do something stupid and life-altering. Thankfully, by the second half I’d gotten into the groove and it was rather pleasant. I’m now into Through the Looking Glass and am pretty happy aside from the fact that I think Alice needs a good smack sometimes.

The bad side of all this is that now I want to see the Disney movie. I haven’t seen it, or thought of it really, since I was a kid. And of course, thank you Valdosta!, I can’t get my hands on a copy of it. It’s not sold anywhere, no-one of freecycle is giving it up, I can’t find it cheap enough online, and though my video rental place has three copies, all of them are checked out and not being returned on time. Bah!

From everything I remember of it, despite the fact I haven’t seen it since I was wee, I’m feeling very inspired. Couple this Alice vibe with a whirlwind of inspiration I just got from some modern clothing sites and some very vivid waking dreams and you have one bubbling over brain. Also, since all I really want to do lately is drink tea and knit in front of kids movies, this is perfect timing. Which reminds me of two things.

1) I have found another website that makes life bearable. It is greatness incarnate. Everyone, meet Regretsy. Not only will it make you Lol your drink all over your screen, lower your blood pressure, and help you live longer, it also has a lovely Alice in Wonderland inspired scarf. Meet Cheshire Cat Scarf. I actually like this idea, but I get where the commenter is coming from. Not your style? Then take a look at the cry for help that is unicorn wand or everyone’s favorite Twilight couple.

2) This also reminds me of how I can fall into things sometimes (like rabbit holes) and not quite find my way out. Add to that the fact that I’ve got a million things going on but nothing happening, and you’ve got one tied up girl. So, in order to keep myself together, I want to start doing monthly challenges again. I actually miss something to work toward and having something to be accountable for.

March Challenge: Tie up loose ends. Sometimes that means finishing something I’ve started. Sometimes it means just getting a plan on how to finish what’s still going. Sometimes it actually means starting something entirely new. I’ve done a few things so far this month, now let’s try to keep it up.

BTW: What do you think of the new look? I miss my sentimental banner, but am totally digging this new clean and fresh look. What about you?

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It Never Ends!

Why did I start this project? Why?!

You know what I”m talking about. That lovely turquoise yarn that I’ve mangled beyond recognition. Well, okay, you can still tell it’s yarn, but still. I got half-way through the first time. Realized I’d been reading the pattern wrong. Now I’m nearly 2/3 done, but the stitch count is off. Worse than that, I think the pattern math doesn’t add up. I’m not sure this will be at all close to what it should be and it’s driving me nuts.

What do I do? Should I try to plough through and hope that it still looks lacey and lovely even if it’s not exactly like the pattern? Or should I finally admit defeat and frog in shame? Could it be salvageable? Since it’s a gift, I don’t want to post a picture even though I think I could get away with it. Sorry. Paranoid.

Sigh. Ignoring all that badness, check out this craft blog, One Pearl Button, I just discovered. It’s chock full of good pictures, tutorials, and an amazing giveaway ending March 5th.

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The Sound of One Skein Clapping

I know you want to hear something glorious and unbelievable and awesome right? Well I’ll tell you. I have knit one entire skein on my Talia Vest.

Isn’t it amazing. Not only have I not given up, I’ve knit enough to show progress. This is something that rarely happens. I mean, sure you can show progress on something you’ve knit one stitch a day on for 7 or 8 months, but this is real. This is fast. This is ME!

The only mistakes so far are the ones I’ve mentioned before and nothing new (at least I hope not) since then. The pattern is very easy to follow and I think my yarn is working out like I’d hoped.

I can’t tell you how happy I am that this seems to be coming together. One day soon, I might have a knit piece of my very own. My own. My precious.

Also, my brain runneth over with ideas. Or maybe runneth amok. I’m not sure. Lately, I’ve been reaching for my notebook every few hours and scribbling notes, sometimes toppling a few ill-placed objects in my haste to get down my ideas. Usually, this is as far as it goes because I’ve got great and unattainable ideas all the time. Luckily, I’ve decided that the best way to make these projects a reality is to actually try them. Novel, huh? I amaze myself sometimes.

Hopefully, I’ll have a few new things to share with you next time. Still, rest assured that these old fingers of mine are clickety-clackin away with the needles and clearing a path. Watch me go!

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