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(Just Enough) Room to Grow

If I could use one sentence to describe me, I would probably say that I see life through potential-colored glasses. Granted, I can be negative and pessimistic as times, but there is always so much more out there that it doesn’t stay that way long. However, just because something has a lot of potential doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

In my last apartment, I always felt like there was so much potential I just couldn’t see or fill. Like I’m always growing, but it was never fast enough. I practically lived in one room, even moving my bed into the living room with the TV and computer for a studio feel. But this still left me with wasted space and no idea how to fill it. I wasn’t sure I even wanted to fill it.

The new apartment is just one bedroom, one bath. However, it doesn’t feel as small as it should. Part of this is just good design, the other is that I think this might be perfect. I’m bubbling over with ideas that seem doable and enjoyable. I finally get to really try my small space living ideas without feeling like an idiot. Of course, this does leave me with some space issues that I’ll be trying to work out in the near future. Add to that the fact that I have enough stuff to fill an apartment three times this size, but I think I can manage.

Already, this place feels like mine. I love doing the finishing touches – buying those little L-shaped rubber brackets for the tub never felt so cool before. There will be a separate living and bedroom, though my “craft room” has taken over the whole house. And novel though it may be, I think the bedroom will actually be a bedroom. It will also be a powerhouse of storage; a place where I can keep most of my miscellaneous craft supplies hidden and tidy. I don’t feel like I’m wasting space. I get to decorate and spend time in there, things I could never do in my old apartment.

There are so many things I want to try: slow crafts, embroidery, hand-sewing, decor projects that I wouldn’t before. I want to cook in my own kitchen and maybe plant something new. I think I’ll have more energy here to do all those things because I  feel like this is a space I can fill with good things. Just enough room to grow.

welcome mat


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I have so many pictures and things I want to share with you. Of course, this is me and I have lost my picture uploader cable. Why?! On top of that, I misplaced my phone charger, so my only phone is about to die and I need to make a zillion phone calls.

I hope to have pictures of the apartment, a tutorial, and a project or two up and ready to go in the next few days if possible. For now, I’m going to hunt down my hiding technology. Help me!

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Quiet Please: Announcement

I am opening an Etsy shop.

There. I had to get that out as quick as possible. Like most knitters, I’ve dreamed of opening my own shop since I learned how to make a slip knot, but I feel almost embarrassed to say it’s happening. I might actually be blushing a bit now.

My decision was spurred on by a long series of events. My good friends have been kind enough to hear me whinge about my one-day shop for years now. Mostly, I have been job searching for six months (6!) now with nothing to show for it except an impressive amount of alternate resumes and cover letter templates. I need something to do to keep me motivated about living and keep my hands occupied and off the booze.

Since deciding this, I have already gotten my state tax id number and have applied for my city license. Which I don’t know if I’ll get yet. Really. I have no idea why there is uncertainty about this. I mean, honestly, if someone is good enough to come and apply for a license to run their crack house in city limits, you should at least give them points for honesty. And tax them. What’s the hold-up?

The plan is to open up shop the first of June. This is sort of terrifying for many reasons, not least of which is that I just moved and have to keep digging the cats out of boxes and can’t find all my knitting supplies and don’t know anything about running a shop and am hoping so hard that this will be good that if I try any harder my brain will mutiny and flop helplessly among the detritus on my floor. But no worries.

Can I have that booze now?

1. Enslaved

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Curtain Ideas

Maybe I’m jumping the gun a little here since I can’t even find, you know, like all of my underwear yet, but I’ve been thinking hard about curtains. Right now, my apartment has this sickly, dingy yellow light (that must be fixed with new light bulbs) and a creamy yellow-ish white paint on the walls. I don’t mind the wall color; it’s nice and relaxing. It has a bit of personality without being the sterile flat white that most apartment dwellers must endure. However, I still think a light neutral color for the windows would make it feel airy as opposed to bland and jaundice-y.

Maybe light gray?

1. soft grey walls, floor-length curtains, 2. Grey living room with pom pom curtains via Homes & Gardens

Or a pearly white?

1. The White Devil curtain returns, 2. Ideas for small spaces: White curtains + faux paneling + modern fabric + tidy storage


1. Gray + silver living room: Luxe neutrals in Billy Joel's home, featured in Domino, 2. Modern wallpaper: Brown + blue decor + cream metallic damask + over-sized mirror

Or something different.

1. homes and gardens, 2. BC001

Oh the choices. What do you think?

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Project Inspiration

I’ve fallen in love with something new. Just in case you were wondering.

1. Unusual Milk Glass Lamp with Quilted Pattern, 2. Hobnail – milk glass vase / detail, 3. Milk Glass Table Lamps, 4. roses with milk glass., 5. Vintage White Hobnail Milk Glass Lamp, 6. Fenton, 7. Untitled, 8. Milk Glass Lamp, 9. Vintage Milk Glass Hobnail Lamp


Milk glass was one of those ugly, frilly things my grandmother kept under a mountain of dust in her house. Something from childhood that I had no significant memories attached to or anything to say about it. However, the last year or so has seen a huge upswing in my love of all things white. This led me to a search of the perfect bedside lamp.

I found out this vintage wonder is called milk glass and my favorite bumpy, bobbly version is called hobnail. Not that this helps me because I don’t think they make the exact lamp I see in my head. Well, that and I wouldn’t have the money for it if they did. But! This is inspiring me to unpack right now because the sooner I do, the sooner I can start a little project inspired by these gorgeous flickr photos. I love this whole wish fulfillment flickr kick I’m on. It feels so good while being so very very free. Frugal and fabulous.

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Found, Found, Found!

Okay, the title comes from a Morrissey song which, yeah, has nothing to do with what I’m going to talk about. But I did find, find, find a new apartment. Not only that, after much strife, I’ve paid all my dues and am moving in. This is great and sort of sad. 

Moving out of my last apartment, while a massive drag, it wasn’t that bad. I mean, it was home for over two years but it wasn’t like I was leaving everything behind. It’s just funny how much history is there. While living there, I attended two schools, had two jobs, adopted a cat and a rabbit and saw the end of two adopted mice. It saw all three of my boyfriends, including my first breakup and my first engagement. I learned a whole slew of new things, cooked things I didn’t think I was capable of, learned how to knit, kept two blogs, and found that I really liked regular showers after all. 

Then I graduated. It was the end of a long LONG chapter of my life. It wrapped it all up in a college package and allowed me to move out easily with little emotional pain. Then I crashed at Turko’s place for the last several months. This new apartment is smaller (1 bedroom, 1 bathroom) in a crappier part of town. But it has beautiful high ceilings, all the amenities I could wish for, some I didn’t even know I wanted, and it has the fresh potential smell. I’m looking forward to moving in, starting over, and starting a business (more than you ever want to know later). I’m hoping to get a job and start the next chapter there. 

It gets a tad more complicated though. Living with Turko was unexpected, but it turned out to be the greatest thing. Now, despite the fact that he’ll practically be living with me, it FEELS like moving out. Taking a step back if you will. It’s weird and unexpectedly painful. However, the pain of still not having a job and feeling like a failure as an adult helps me to look at this more on the bright side. New place. New hope. 

The main furniture move will be tomorrow. Soon after, I’ll finally have my cats back with the rabbit. It’ll be the most painful part of the move. Wish me luck. I’ll let you know how it goes. 

1. Motivations, 2. Say goodbye to winter 2

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Flickr Therapy

Everybody has needs. Some come and go with whims, some set up shop and stay for life, but you’ve got them and they want to be heard. However, life sometimes gets in the way. Maybe there’s no time; maybe there’s no money. Despite all this, there is still Flickr – the one stop shop for all your inspirational, motivational, and visual needs. So to satisfy my needs, let’s start e-shopping.

1. Comfort

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