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Giveaway Winner!

Sorry it’s a bit late guys. Work and hardcore procastination made me do it. However, I have the winner and am pleased to announce that E. is our winner!

Both my giveaways had 50% chances. See? Little blog = Big chance. However, I now feel really bad about the people who didn’t win. Am I a pansy or what?

Onto other business, I’m currently working on a little something over here because it needs to be finished faster than big somethings. I’ll be here in a few days with pictures. Report back.


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Happy of the Day

Let’s keep our spirits up this month. How does that sound for a challenge, eh? Have you ever noticed how the big things in life rarely make you as happy as you thought they would, but the tiniest things will make you smile despite it all? This month, I’m going to celebrate the little things that make everyday life a little more enjoyable.

For example, today was my first day of training for the new job. That’s a big thing that is good. However, the first day was a drag. So let’s forget about it and focus on something better (like my giveaway!) And my new old teacup.  Delicately worn and newly adopted. A bit of peppermint tea and we’re ready to finish the day.

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Under-bed Storage

Hello. My name is Zylo and I’m a packrat.

If it’s not in your nature to be dirty, disorganized, and overloaded with stuff you are from MARS! How do you do it? Did something horrible happen to you in your childhood? Can you make that happen to me?

I’ve fought this for years. Honestly, I love it, but everything within reason right? Anyways, I pared down as much as possible while moving out of the last apartment in December. Over the last few months, I’ve let a few things go while buying even more stuff. Now it’s me and five generations of crap fighting for space in my new one bedroom apartment.

Okay, it’s not that bad. I know it’ll all fit, if not a bit snugly, but it’s still a work in progress and I’m learning all the time. My current mission is to use bits of space that I tend to forget. Underbed storage is one of them. I’ve had my bed on one of those rolly bed frames for years now. That leaves me all of __ inches underneath, which isn’t enough to store anything more than dirty underwear. But I have a plan!

It starts with a rather large and very blue outdoor scene.

I will not be parted from this picture I found by a dumpster. It’s dirty, warped, and kinda fug, but I just can’t let it go.  However, I can’t let it sit around and not earn its keep either. I don’t have enough space for that now. So what to do?

The idea came after flipping through an old copy of DIY magazine. I found the corresponding picture on flickr for everyone.

Under bed wrapping paper storage

Nice huh? Well then friends, prepare to be underwhelmed by my knock-off. This was before I found out that I will be soon employed (don’t forget my celebratory giveaway!) so I needed to do it as cheaply as possible. It also needed to be quick or I’d talk myself out of it and be back at square one. So it went something like this. Picture + shower curtain liner = slidey. If it slides, it’ll go under the bed and hold my wrapping paper and gift bags and maybe even ribbon!

In process picture with blueness and packing tape.

Slidey picture with blueness and packing tape.

(Can I share something with you? The whole damn time I was taping this, I couldn’t get the phrase “Eukanuba child tuba” out of my head. Is that weird? I think… yeah. That’s weird.)

You will notice my professional photography skills and careful attention to detail. I painstakingly placed the two week old donut boxes and trash to set an emotional, evocative background. For realism. Moving on.

For the low low price of $1 for the liner, I now have underbed storage and have managed, yet again, not to throw anything away. But at least it’s useful now. And that makes me happy.

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Free Giveaway!

As of the 7th of June, 2010, I will be gainfully employed. That means job having. The kind that pays in money. U.S. currency.

Granted, this is barely above minimum wage and I’m far overqualified for it, but sshh. Don’t tell them. I don’t want to be passed over for a high school student, than you very much.

Anyways, in the spirit of both my new job and streamlining my new apartment, I want to have a giveaway. I’ve always wanted to do one of these, but have never gotten around to it. I’m going to fill a little box with craft goodies and send it off to one lucky winner.

Here’s what you can expect:

-one skein of yarn that I can’t for the life of my figure out what to make with

-roughly 1 yard of my one of my favorite vintage fabrics (I think it’s acetate)

-1 yard of my “special” ribbon I’ve been saving for years and have yet to use

-1 pack of scrap-booking adhesives- think “this book belongs to” name plates

-1 roll of red damask-print packing tape

-1 strand of new beads

-2 pink cameo buttons that I can’t use because they’re “too special”

-and what crafting box isn’t complete without chocolate?

Win Me!

To enter, leave a comment below. You can tell me what you’d like to see more on this blog, you can tell me how you found it, or you could recommend some other awesome blogs for me to peruse. To earn an extra entry, link back to this giveaway page on your own blog and let me know about it. Let’s share the love, yo.

Drawing will close on June 17th, because it roughly coincides with my first payday. I’m willing to ship internationally, so there’s no excuse. Every entry will be assigned a number and the winner will be chosen at random using this random number generator. Good luck everyone and don’t forget to tell a friend!

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