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Armwarmers of Warmth!

Shortly before the big move, I decided I should stock up on cold-weather wear. Meaning, I should knit instead of pack. As a result, I have a lovely pair of arm warmers.

This is probably a good thing as the weather is turning again and it’s like wandering around a giant sno-globe. You know, all those songs and poems I heard for years about the joys and romance of having snowflakes stick to your lashes and such? It’s only cool in theory. Especially once it goes from “oh, what a pretty snowflake” to “OH MY GOD, I can’t see!”

Also, the heat at the office isn’t working. Still. Inside. Yeah.

(As an aside, have you guys seen Beetlejuice? The one with Gina Davis and Alec Baldwin? I was looking at the two pictures above and it reminds me of the seance they had for them. You know, the wedding dress that suddenly fills out then whoosh! here comes the hand. That’s what those remind me of. Sorry.)

I used Caron Shadows yarn, roughly a skein, and really like the results. The Siren Sleeves pattern on Ravelry was the starting point. I chose to take the sleeve length out a little farther so they’d sit just above my elbows. I also added a few decreases around the wrist for a better fit.

Everything worked out well despite the fact that I really need to figure out how to pick-up stitches. Mine are a bit sloppy. Still, this winter thing has inspired me to knit more than anything else and that can’t be a bad thing.

Even if it blinds me.


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