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Grey Skies: Care Shawl

I am home right now at 9 am instead of work. You can tell by the counter that the time on this blog has always been WAY wonky. Anywho, so there’s been a BOMB threat that’s closed off most of downtown. In fact, the threat is in my parking garage. Hopefully, they’re just protesting the monthly price. So let’s go to my happy place instead before they call me back into work.

As I mentioned before, I added two shawls to my list along with my vest. I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish my April challenge then, but it’s okay. There are two women more deserving of shawls than I need my vest. Still, I’ve completed this one, have started the second, and even had time to work on the vest. I knit like a fiend, yo.

I had some gorgeous grey Lion Brand Thick and Quick Chenille in my stash. Since I had three skeins, I was saving it for something. This was it. I searched ravelry for some ideas and found the Fall Down Shawlete by SISO Designs.

The bulk of this shawl was knit in two days on 11s, so anyone can make this in under a week if you want to. The finishing may be a bit hard to make out, but you should be fine if you go slow and really try to understand the process. Otherwise, quick, easy, and very pretty. I hope it’s big enough since I only used two skeins.

I found that the first skein of Chenille was fine, but the second seemed to shed in my hands like crazy. I’m not sure if I was rougher on the second one or it’s just one of the irregularities of that ball. And it does squeak. I don’t care what people say, it’s soft but it squeak. It’ll kind of set your teeth on edge. The end was worth it though. It’s very soft, very pretty, and hopefully will wash relatively well. Exactly what I was going for. Now wish me luck on #2.


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