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Revenge of the T-Shirt Quilt

Alright, here’s the drill. I’ve always got a ton of projects in the pipeline, but limited time and attention span. However, I’ll be moving again in about 6 months and I want to leave with less than I came with. SO. I’ve been practicing my ruthless face and deciding that some things just need to finally get done or get out.

It hurts us even saying that.

My t-shirt quilt has been in the works forever. I had so much good work done on it, but there was a ways to go. This is a must-do thing. Actually making it will get rid of a lot of scraps to dwindle my fabric pile, make me find a few more shirts to donate that won’t fit in it, and get it off my list. I like when projects for me reduce the amount of craft stuff on hand.

Can I share a secret?

It’s half done. This is just some layout ideas that the cats… well layed on, but I’m way past this stage now. I’m almost done with the piecing. I’m going simple with this, mostly due to general laziness and lack of real sewing skill. I’m going to make a very thin, easily portable yet HUGE blanket using other scrap fabric I love. Then it’ll be an quick tie-off project instead of quilting it and voila. I’ll keep you posted because this one has to get finished. Felix promises.


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World Wide Knit in Public Day

Okay, here’s the deal. I found a penny last night when I came home from a walk. Then I found one when I came home today from my outing. I think that’s why the day turned out as awesome as it did; it was book-ended by lucky.

I offhandedly decided to check out a yarn store today on my way to a craft fair in Lititz, PA. It’s called the Ball and Skein in the Brickerville shopping plaza. Doesn’t sound like much right? However the place was packed and here’s what you see as you come in from the back parking lot.

This is the freaking courtyard.

And here’s public displays of knitting.

Not only that, I picked up 5 skeins of Ella Rae Bamboo silk that is heavenly soft and 50% OFF! What?! Oh hey, guess what? I bought a ball winder on e-bay that showed up. This morning. For my yarn. Yep.

His name is Ted. Doesn’t he look jaunty with his cocked hat?

So I got to work dragging my stool and supplies to the porch because did I mention it’s beautiful outside today? It’s beautiful outside today. Then my yarn went from this

to this

to oops

to this.

There’s a learning curve without a swift. Still, I got to know my yarn intimately (it sheds) and my ball winder (he rocks) and then I ended up with my first little yarn cake ever.

I’m so proud you’d think I built the damn thing from clay and spit and toe clippings. It’s that cool.

So despite the fact that I completely forgot it was knit in public day, the yarn gods smiled on me anyways so I could still participate in my own way. Now I’m going to wind more yarn and start eating some of the 4 pounds of candy I got at the Candy store in Brickerville.


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Sunrise Scarf

BP (before Pennsylvania), I acquired a pair of Speed Stix as a gift. You know, those knitting needles as big around as your legs? Well, I discovered that these are, in fact, the shit. I love them. All of a sudden, a random pile of pretty yarn could be morphed into something chunky and colorful and awesome. Which brings me to this scarf.

Originally, I was making it for sale. Then I got attached. As in once it was around my neck, I wouldn’t take it off. Well, not just around my neck really. See this scarf is taller than I am. It must be wrapped at least six times around your neck to avoid breaking said neck in a terrible, messy accident. Actually, I have problems keeping it ON my shoulders no matter how many times I wrap because it’s so huge. Still…

Destashing is a freeing thing. I ended up using more than a dozen yarns to create this piece, starting from the dark blue-ish black of a night sky and transitioning up to that pink-ish blue of early morning. Plus, there is sparkle and fluff. Those two things can never be bad.

It’s weird that I still have a pile of stuff I haven’t shown you guys and it’s been… months? Yep. I’m all on top of this thing.

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