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Calico Scarf

I have been on a destashing run for Xmas 2012 gifts. There are so many pretty yarns that I just can’t figure out how to use that I’ve got a use it or lose it basket. This pretty fall-colored eyelash yarn has been languishing in the back of my stash for so long that I can’t stand it. I finally decided to pair it with an orange eyelash – also languishing – knit it up and call it a day. I think the colors are perfect for my sister, so another one down!

This was a quick simple garter scarf. Adding the tapered ends just gives it a little more flair and a tad more length. I’m happy with the way it turned out and I hope my sis will like it.


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Chastain Park Shawlette

I recently allowed myself to buy some of that Lion Brand Amazing yarn. It just looked so good and I’ve been eyeing it for an inordinate amount of time considering the price. I’ve been a good girl about my destashing efforts so I splurged. Then it was just a matter of finding some patterns that would be fun knits and good Christmas presents. Enter Chastain Park.

This was a quick knit for a pattern that I found to be very well written. It would also look great in a variety of yarns. If I did it again with this yarn, I would add a dozen or so extra rows to make it a little bigger. Or maybe just add tying tassles to the sides so you can get it secured around your neck easier. Aside from that, I’m really happy with how the beads pop on this yarn. I just used some pretty gold ones from my stash that I thought would be happy there. They are.

Overall, if you’re looking for a fast, satisfying knit that looks more complicated than it is, this wouldn’t be a bad place to start.

As for the yarn, I found it a little scratchier than I was expecting, but it’s not too bad. I would probably still wear it next to my skin. It has a slight thick/thin effect that looks pretty nice. The colorways are longer than some sock yarns but they don’t have huge strands of the same color. It’s also fuzzier than I expected. I thought maybe it would smooth down, but it hasn’t yet. It’s almost like mohair which I’m not too crazy about. However the halo isn’t too crazy, so I can live with it. Has anyone had anymore experience with it? It seemed to block nicely, but I’m not sure how a hard blocking would behave if it was for something bigger like clothing.

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Foundry Day 2012

Despite the fact that I work in the same office as the Visitor’s Bureau, I always seem to be the last to know about events happening in the area. I had to read IN THE PAPER that they were going to have a booth at a craft fair this weekend. Despite their best efforts to keep me in the dark, I got to go and look at all the goodies.

Apparently Foundry Day is the biggest event in Boiling Springs and it was very nice. Aside from a pretzel braid and frozen lemonade, I didn’t buy anything though I was sorely tempted to. I picked up business cards for my favorites and looked up what I would have bought it I had unlimited money and space. Which I don’t. But I have a blog.

Erin Keck was there. Apparently she’s sort of famous and for good reason. I really was going to buy something from her, but couldn’t decide. Since she’s on Etsy, I figured I could take my time to find that perfect piece. She makes great Steampunk jewelry and really kick-ass clocks.


Wood and natural stones really get me going, so combining them into jewelry and beautiful wood pieces makes me happy. My favorites are the necklaces and they have so many good combinations.


Imagination in Glass had a variety of jewelry that I really liked. There were giant rings that I almost picked up and wrap-around half necklace pieces that were really cool.


Did I mention that I’m a sucker for natural pieces? Maybe I’ve never repeatedly mentioned that, but I’ve always wanted one of those sanded down pieces of glorious sculptures disguised as wood. These are bowls, so I tried to convince myself that they were practical. Maybe next time.


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