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Tidal Pool Cowl

I keep using these yarns in combination because I keep loving them! Of course, I’m nearing the end of my stash so I’ll just have to enjoy what I’ve made of them so far. I wanted even more texture than the yarn provided, so I went ahead and knit in garter stitch. Then I carried either a yarn of green or blue to create subtle bands of color with a little halo of yarn fluff. It’s weighty, but not too heavy and soft. It feels satisfying. That’s a good word. Satisfying.

This was really easy. I wanted to make a mobius, but didn’t have long enough needles handy, so I cheated and made a full twist cowl. I can live with that. I followed the instructions for the twisted cowl pattern on Ravelry to make sure I didn’t completely screw it up, but what’s hard about knitting something that everyone has screwed up before. The big secret? You know when you first learn how to knit in the round on circular needles and people tell you not to twist your stitches or you’ll die? Just twist them already. One twist is one full revolution and that’s all we did here folks!

I’m wondering what a much longer version would look like with multiple twists and whether that would be wearable. Has anyone tried it or seen one somewhere?


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