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Crochet Blocks and Why I HATE My Sewing Machine

Here are your blocks. Yippee.

The red is a repeat of the green because the pattern said they were different, but I don’t think they are.


I hate it. I can’t win. It is an instrument of Satan. Look at all that thread! This is why I didn’t use it for so long. Once we figured out, hey! We’re using the wrong bobbin, it was fine for a while. Now it’s up to its old tricks again. …Look at all that thread!


I finally got my sewing project to the final stages. I was sewing on all the snaps by hand- all 10- on the flaps before they were sewn on, trying to be all fancy so they wouldn’t show on the back. For nothing. I sewed them on backwards. You know when you do something stupid but all you can do is stare at it. Ugh? That’s what happened. So fine. I bought velcro and now I can’t sew the shit on! I hate my sewing machine. I’m going to burn it.


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Crochet Blocks 6,7

More blocks!


I’m very proud of all this. There are four basic yarns used to complete these squares and they’re two different thicknesses; I’m being fancy and using different sized hooks to match them up better. See? I learn. I’ve only skipped two blocks in the book so far. The one made of wire and a flower granny that was DUMB and HARD and I didn’t like it that much anyway. So there.

Alright, I couldn’t figure it out.

Also, I never did show you how my trees looked, did I?

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Crochet Blocks # 4,5

Well, this is the last of this set of flowery, clustery things. They got progressively more wonky, but still turned out pretty decent. It helps that the added yellow pizzazz covers some of the worst bits. I’m all over this crochet thing.


Also, I’m still working on the “enjoy what you have now” thing and am burning one of my “special” candles. You know. The kind you decorate with but never burn. It’s so on fire.


And, on the scale of little things that make me happy, coordinating my undershirt to my socks rated pretty high today. I was a turquoise dream. Under my clothes. See? School is already frying my brain.

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Crochet Blocks: 2,3

I’ve already skipped one of the blocks done in wire. I can’t figure out how the shape would work in yarn. Since I had one finished block from the holiday, I’ll count that as the fill-in. As for the other blocks, so far so good. A few frogged attempts and two shiny new squares!


I’m using the same size crochet hook regardless of the instructions and some are still ending up the same size. Score.

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Crochet Block #1

This is the first motif granny square from “101 Granny Squares: New Motifs for Contemporary Designs”. Seriously, I made out with the craft books this Christmas. This is my second granny square total as well, so I’m still incredibly slow and shaky. Nonetheless, I managed to finish. Really! I only needed to call my mom twice so we could confuse the hell out of each other for an hour and a half. Progress!


I even managed to make guage. It doesn’t have a name, but it was part of a design for a cardigan. I have loose designs to make all the granny designs in the book before the year is through, but we’ll see how that goes. So far so good.

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