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Over the Door Organizer of Organization!

This past 4th of July holiday had less to do with hot dogs and fireworks and more to do with me sweating in my own apartment moving around everything I own like Tetris. I managed to get a good idea with a measuring tape of how large everything is. I think my apartment is about 450 square feet with limited storage. The basket I keep my scarves and shawls in is very pretty, if overflowing. However, it’s impractical and takes up floor space that I don’t really have. I wanted something vertical and free. Enter spare fabric, spare curtain rod, and sewing machine.

I’ve been promising myself forever now that I’d sew an over the door shoe rack. Well, I’ve finally done it. Except of course that I intended it to hold my scarf collection. And I didn’t have a pattern to go by. And I only made some vague measurements on graph paper. And I used checkerboard fabric so I wouldn’t have to actually measure or cut anything precisely. But whatever, right?

Right. I’m amazed at how well this came together. So amazed in fact that I’m pretty sure it had more to do with the checkerboard cheat-enhancing fabric than me. With a little troubleshooting from my mom (thanks, mom!), I even managed not to break my sewing machine! I also added little knit endcaps to the curtain rod, so it wouldn’t fall off and would hang properly. I’m all over it. Not only did it come out like I expected, it’s held together, and holds my scarf collection. I’m in serious need of editing as far as they go, but can’t seem to part with any yet. Now if only I could find a way to store my shawls.

This is also the first step in the right direction for de-stashing my fabric collection like a madwoman. I barely have room for tampons, let alone two giant bins of fabric. Woe is me. Wish me luck.


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