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Curtain Ideas

Maybe I’m jumping the gun a little here since I can’t even find, you know, like all of my underwear yet, but I’ve been thinking hard about curtains. Right now, my apartment has this sickly, dingy yellow light (that must be fixed with new light bulbs) and a creamy yellow-ish white paint on the walls. I don’t mind the wall color; it’s nice and relaxing. It has a bit of personality without being the sterile flat white that most apartment dwellers must endure. However, I still think a light neutral color for the windows would make it feel airy as opposed to bland and jaundice-y.

Maybe light gray?

1. soft grey walls, floor-length curtains, 2. Grey living room with pom pom curtains via Homes & Gardens

Or a pearly white?

1. The White Devil curtain returns, 2. Ideas for small spaces: White curtains + faux paneling + modern fabric + tidy storage


1. Gray + silver living room: Luxe neutrals in Billy Joel's home, featured in Domino, 2. Modern wallpaper: Brown + blue decor + cream metallic damask + over-sized mirror

Or something different.

1. homes and gardens, 2. BC001

Oh the choices. What do you think?


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Project Inspiration

I’ve fallen in love with something new. Just in case you were wondering.

1. Unusual Milk Glass Lamp with Quilted Pattern, 2. Hobnail – milk glass vase / detail, 3. Milk Glass Table Lamps, 4. roses with milk glass., 5. Vintage White Hobnail Milk Glass Lamp, 6. Fenton, 7. Untitled, 8. Milk Glass Lamp, 9. Vintage Milk Glass Hobnail Lamp


Milk glass was one of those ugly, frilly things my grandmother kept under a mountain of dust in her house. Something from childhood that I had no significant memories attached to or anything to say about it. However, the last year or so has seen a huge upswing in my love of all things white. This led me to a search of the perfect bedside lamp.

I found out this vintage wonder is called milk glass and my favorite bumpy, bobbly version is called hobnail. Not that this helps me because I don’t think they make the exact lamp I see in my head. Well, that and I wouldn’t have the money for it if they did. But! This is inspiring me to unpack right now because the sooner I do, the sooner I can start a little project inspired by these gorgeous flickr photos. I love this whole wish fulfillment flickr kick I’m on. It feels so good while being so very very free. Frugal and fabulous.

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Flickr Therapy

Everybody has needs. Some come and go with whims, some set up shop and stay for life, but you’ve got them and they want to be heard. However, life sometimes gets in the way. Maybe there’s no time; maybe there’s no money. Despite all this, there is still Flickr – the one stop shop for all your inspirational, motivational, and visual needs. So to satisfy my needs, let’s start e-shopping.

1. Comfort

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