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My Vest!

For me! My own! My Precious!

Alright, alright. I actually finished it maybe two months ago and finally got someone to take pictures of it for me. Still, it’s done and we should all be happy.

You’ll notice a little flub on the button band that I couldn’t be bothered to take out. That and the top left button band curls outward just a tad. Other than that, I’m supremely happy about this FO.

I used Vanna acrylic yarn and have been pretty happy with it. I do find it a bit on the scratchy side, but for something I’ll wear over my clothes it’s no big deal. Plus, it’s pretty cheap when you get it on sale.

Now all I’m waiting for is cooler weather so I can really show it off.


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Babette Blanket, Ahoy!

Alright, I’d like to ask everyone to stand up and welcome the newest addition to my home. Round of applause please. Hey, you in the cheap seats, clap damn you!

I asked my mom a while ago (which apparently was three years but I swear it was only one) to make me the infamous babette blanket. After a long haul with my sister’s queen size hexagon blanket, she was of course underwhelmed with the prospect of making another. So I assured her that not only is this smaller and more fun, I would do all the joining and all she had to do was make the squares. That plus a little daughterly guilt trip and we were in business.

Now (apparently) years later, we have a blanket! Dozens of little jewel-like squares popping in sweet relief on a black background. I have a stained-glass masterpiece just innocently chilling on my couch. Of course, the black border caused its own set of problems and required some… ghetto-rigging to fit together. All in all, it took two weeks on my part. Small price to pay for such beauty and smaller if you think about how long it took my poor, harried mother.

It also helped me brush up on my single, double, and triple crochet as well as trying out a simple shell lace edge. I have knowledge! I wanted a simple border, but one side was not quite square and I couldn’t be bothered to make it that way. The shells are the jazz hands of my blanket. Also, holy god, why didn’t anyone tell me that crochet GUZZLES yarn? It should be ashamed of itself! It’s the big-ass SUV of the handcraft world. I digress.

I’m gonna go ahead and get back to petting my new blanket. We need some privacy.

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Charm Bag

Please note: I’ve quit the job in question. Long story that is incredibly boring. Now on with what I should have posted nearly a month ago.

I feel like all I’ve done since starting this new job is complain about it. Granted, the people I’m working with are nice, but who knew answering phones could be so difficult. Also, someone who shall remain Turkish has skipped the country (to Turkey) and left me all alone with my stress. Between shifts and training and complaining, I did manage to make him a little present before he left. I’m so proud.

I’ve wanted to try my hand at a little amulet type bag for a while. Since I couldn’t be bothered with directions, I made this as I went along. I think it turned out quite well for an experiment. I picked up a hamsa charm while visiting a friend and used a bead for the closure. It needs a little tweaking, but I really liked making it and see more in my future.

Changing gears, what do you guys do for hardcore relaxation? I forgot that I’m not nearly as productive during the dark hours and of course that’s when I’m up now. I think a lot of that is due to stress that I don’t know how to shake. So what do you do when you need to unwind in a hurry?

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