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So The Hobbit’s out. Yep.

Can I just start by saying I love dwarves. I don’t mean to get all too hip to live, but I’m going to put on my thick rims and just say that I was into dwarves before they were cool. And young and hot. The Hobbit was always my favorite Tolkien work and I grew up reading and watching the cartoons. Lord of the Rings is something I appreciated when I got older, but you really can’t compare the two. You can’t win against 13 dwarves – in your face elf lovers! Seriously, let me rub your face in 13 dwarves. It will change your life. They are everything I like. Short, thick, hairy, love food, wear lots of knitting. IN ONE PACKAGE. You can keep your willowy immortals, I’ll take a slab of dwarf. (Except Elrond. Love you BB.) (And alright the rest of them are fine, but dwarves are still better.)

(I’d also like to make a side note that WordPress really wants to auto-correct ‘dwarves’ into ‘wharves’. Did it auto-correct elves? No. Racist.)

As much as I hate the 3D make your eyes explode experience, I’ve managed to see it twice in 2D. And okay, yeah, also in 3D (with my thick rims). I’ve planned on seeing it 4 additional times, but was dwarf blocked by extenuating circumstances I generally call life. I’m the ideal audience for this because I will pay 15 times what the movie will cost seeing it in a theater because I just CAN’T STOP MYSELF. Plus, you tack on popcorn and a drink for 120% the ticket cost and you’ve hit a home run.

And now you realize that this is a three part series. I’d like to think that in the end I will have three times the awesomeness, but in reality I’m having flashbacks to a decade ago. It was glorious then. The Rings Trilogy, Pirates Trilogy, Harry Potter going strong. SO MUCH GOODNESS. But thinking back on it, it was kind of hell. The waiting, the obsessing, the loss once it was gone. I won’t be able to really sleep for the next two years. The DVD doesn’t even come out until at least April (I know this because I’ve already put my deposit down) and this is SO MUCH of my life that I will not get back.

Of course, I’ve also discovered Tumblr. I’ve discovered it so much that I’ve exceeded my data usage by, oh, about $60 two months in a row and finally caved into paying triple digits to cancel my data plan and get regular old internet again. I’m excited. I can tumble until I die of exhaustion. Live long, my fandoms. I know your hearts, and you are in mine.

Originally, I was going to make a list of all Hobbit related craft goodies, but I can’t even wrangle them all. Also, I’m afraid that if I keep typing I will only expound on all the ways that I love dwarves. But hey, I’ve got another two years to give you all the details right? I know you’ll look forward to that.

So let me see if I can sum up all my feels.




That’ll do for now.


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