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Zebra! Behind You!

Okay, I’ll admit it. I jumped on the zebra print bandwagon. I mean, you’ve got to admit, the new super graphic prints are so cool. Now while I haven’t bought anything zebra print, I’ve been mooning over them for a while. Hobby Lobby just got in some new zebra beads so finally – Finally!- I broke down and got them, then rushed home to whip up a pair of earrings.

Sterling silver hooks and wire + crystal beads + styling zebra = Awesomeness.

These make me ridiculously happy.

In other news, I’ve started getting some ideas on what to tell you about Valdosta and how. Plus, I’ve been knitting like a fool. I think I might even have something finished soon. Check back in a few days.


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Keychain: Worry Rocks

While tooling around the local Michael’s a few weeks ago, I got lost in the natural stone bead isle. It’s always my favorite and I always end up with too many ideas of what I could do with them if they weren’t so expensive. Then I made the mistake of going in there with the boyfriend. Not only did he love them too (and keep trying to buy them for me) but even HE started having ideas. Really, how many excuses do you need for pretty beads? So I bought some. Of course, it didn’t hurt that it would give me an excuse to buy some beads since, you know, all mine are packed. And well, and not as cool as these.

One of his comments was that they felt so good in your hands. The large smooth beads are the perfect size and shape to worry between antsy fingers. Thus, the worry keychain was born. It works just as well for calming you down as it does to keep you awake during boring meetings and, when used correctly, to protect yourself from very small or very frail people. Who knew a simple keychain could do all that?

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