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Out of Wonderland

You know how sometimes you don’t expect something to stick, then it gets in your head and won’t leave you alone? I’ve got something new like that. Since all my books are packed, I had to steal one from a friend for a bit of light reading. Of his collection, I settled on Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass”.

Now I’ll admit, the first half of Alice in Wonderland was like living through an acid flashback. Oh my god. This was one of those times that I was deeply thankful I never put crazy drugs in my system, because living through something like that unexpectedly would probably be enough for me to do something stupid and life-altering. Thankfully, by the second half I’d gotten into the groove and it was rather pleasant. I’m now into Through the Looking Glass and am pretty happy aside from the fact that I think Alice needs a good smack sometimes.

The bad side of all this is that now I want to see the Disney movie. I haven’t seen it, or thought of it really, since I was a kid. And of course, thank you Valdosta!, I can’t get my hands on a copy of it. It’s not sold anywhere, no-one of freecycle is giving it up, I can’t find it cheap enough online, and though my video rental place has three copies, all of them are checked out and not being returned on time. Bah!

From everything I remember of it, despite the fact I haven’t seen it since I was wee, I’m feeling very inspired. Couple this Alice vibe with a whirlwind of inspiration I just got from some modern clothing sites and some very vivid waking dreams and you have one bubbling over brain. Also, since all I really want to do lately is drink tea and knit in front of kids movies, this is perfect timing. Which reminds me of two things.

1) I have found another website that makes life bearable. It is greatness incarnate. Everyone, meet Regretsy. Not only will it make you Lol your drink all over your screen, lower your blood pressure, and help you live longer, it also has a lovely Alice in Wonderland inspired scarf. Meet Cheshire Cat Scarf. I actually like this idea, but I get where the commenter is coming from. Not your style? Then take a look at the cry for help that is unicorn wand or everyone’s favorite Twilight couple.

2) This also reminds me of how I can fall into things sometimes (like rabbit holes) and not quite find my way out. Add to that the fact that I’ve got a million things going on but nothing happening, and you’ve got one tied up girl. So, in order to keep myself together, I want to start doing monthly challenges again. I actually miss something to work toward and having something to be accountable for.

March Challenge: Tie up loose ends. Sometimes that means finishing something I’ve started. Sometimes it means just getting a plan on how to finish what’s still going. Sometimes it actually means starting something entirely new. I’ve done a few things so far this month, now let’s try to keep it up.

BTW: What do you think of the new look? I miss my sentimental banner, but am totally digging this new clean and fresh look. What about you?


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November Challenge

October’s gone? *fretfretfret* Well, my October challenge went well: do something every day to get towards your goal. Yay. Luckily, I spent most of October setting things in motion. I’ve got my career search on the way with the help of the career services department. I’ve got several projects and tests with built in study groups ready to go. Now the biggest thing holding me back is the apartment (and the not having a job). My lease is up in two months and it looks like I’m running a warehouse for a small country.

Therefore, November’s challenge is to do NaBloPoMo!

You’re probably wondering what the hell that has to do with my apartment. Really? Nothing. But being forced to post or at least feeling forced is a good motivator for me. Plus, I can bore you with pictures of my real November Challenge: get rid of one thing every day. Give it away, sell it, trash it, re-gift it, I don’t care. I can even set it aside for the weekend to do away with at one time, but it’s got to go.

I’ve already started actually. In October, I freecycled like a bitch. I also have a huge bin ready to donate, several boxes to recycle, trash bags full of junk, and more ready to get me some money. Yay for no stuff!

But if you know of any entry level management analysis positions around… that might help more.

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As you can probably guess from the last post, my September challenge was a smashing success. Princess Fifi has decided to move into my spare room and badger me at will. We’re very happy together. However, I’m still freaking out with the end of the semester drawing to a close. Especially now that I’m having so many problems with a particular class that I’m worried about actually being able to graduate now.

So in honor of this, my monthly challenge is to do something to move myself forward every day. Vague? Hell yes. I have so many areas that need work that I’m hoping this will help instead of just confuse and annoy me. Right now, it’s going pretty well and I’m hoping it will improve.

Another thing I’m freaking out about is Chrismas. I’ve started rewriting my gift list. Again. Yeah. I have two “large” projects and a handful of smaller ones. The large ones are knit as well. Of course, one is that secret big project that I’ve been working on for nearly two years now. This year is the year. Stop laughing.

Now go watch this video.

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Operation: Fifi

Yeah, yeah. I know. My August challenge didn’t exactly turn out like I wanted it to, but oh well. I did really well the first half, then I shifted gears and started school. I gave it a full 50%.

September’s challenge needs to be something lighter, more fun and less productive. This is perfect because Princess Fifi (remember my newly discovered alter ego) is taking over whether I like it or not. She couldn’t have come at a better time either because I’m so close to graduation and job interviews (hopefully) that I really need to learn how to make myself presentable.

She’s also stupid-productive. She’s like making me exercise and do my homework because she’s worried about my “stress levels” and she’s all “you’re not seriously going to wear those shoes again are you?” She even convinced me to cut my food budget so I can start replacing my makeup and skincare regimine. Yeah. I know. So I’ll let you know what she’s forced me to do at the end of the month.

Until then, let me tell you about Tom Waits. Me and Tom are old friends. It seems like sometimes we’re the only people that understand each other. I get you, man. Really though, it seems like most people don’t know who he is and that’s a damn shame. Weirdly enough, I was sitting in class, watching a video on the Enron scandal when lo and behold, they played 2 — count em — 2 Tom Waits songs. One of which I was listening to not 15 minutes before I showed up in class. More specifically, this one.

If I knew how easy it was to put videos in my posts, I would have started forever ago. Be warned, I may force more music at you than you will ever want to tolerate.

Also, please direct your attention to my new favorite jewelry designer, John Hardy. Pay particular attention to his Dot and Kali Classic collections.

The bracelet that started it all (for me).

The bracelet that started it all (for me).

That’s all for now, folks. Fifi’s getting me ready for class.

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August Post-a-rama

Edit: I’ve just realized that August isn’t NaBloPoMo. However, I’ve committed to it so I’m still going to try and post every day of August. November is stupid anyway.

I’ve decided to try and do NaBloPoMo again. Why? Because I can! I just finished my two finals today and I have roughly two weeks of (kinda) full time work before I jump right back into school. This sucks balls. However, I’m going to distract myself from this misery by blogging. Besides, I haven’t done it since 2007, and we all know I’m not exactly the most ambitious crafter out there. Hopefully, this will kick me off my butt so that I can get around to all those projects I’ve been wanting to finish/start/try/talk about. Which leads me to…

August Challenge: Blog every day. This goes for my food blog too.

To come up with enough crap to talk about I will be forced to actually craft and talk about the things I’ve been wanting to and/or doing but have been too lazy to type up. In addition, maybe I’ll take a few photo days and see if my camera skillz improve.

Who thinks I’m up for it?!

Anyone? Show of hands? You guys suck.

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May Challenge Wrap-Up

I almost hit an alligator on the road. No shit. It was only about 4 feet long, but he was halfway in my lane before he finally went, “Shit, that big thing’s gonna run over my head” and skedaddled. I live in the South, ya’ll. For realz.

But down to business. The May challenge was to work like I meant it, and boy I meant a lot. I figured working 30 hours a week was good, but I usually worked at least a few over, did physical labor I swore to my boss I wouldn’t do, knit like a maniac, and still had some time to cook. I was crazy busy.  Remember that I missed a ton of class because I couldn’t get up for my 10:30 class that was 5 minutes away last semester? 5:30 am anyone? Ha! I did it, and with a one hour commute no less! I’m turning into a grown-up-shaped little girl.

May Challenge: Success! And I even got paid to do it!

June Challenge: Clean the apartment in 4 phases.

This one is really going to be a challenge. I’m starting off easy with week one consisting of the bathroom, kitchen, and foyer. As of now, the bathroom is scrubbed and the kitchen is in progress. I figured they’re easier and maybe they’ll inspire me.

I’ll need all the inspiration I can get because week 2 is the computer room, week three is the living room/bedroom, and week 4 is the craft room otherwise known as the room I forget I have because I keep the door closed and don’t go in there. If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you may have noticed all the desperate cleaning attempts. For some of us it’s harder than normal.

Plus, I’ll be graduating in December without the slightest clue as to where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing. I’ve been trying to chuck all unneccessary stuff in my life so it’ll be easier to pack and move, but haven’t had the results I’ve wanted. Hopefully this month will point me in the right direction.

I’ve got some weekend adventure pictures still waiting to be posted and, if all goes well, I may have a FO by the end of the summer. Let’s see shall we?

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Challenge Recap

Hey everyone. I always feel bashful after such a long hiatus. I do have good excuses this time. No lie. Since spring break back in March, I’ve traveled at least once a month, started a new job, taken on new projects, and broken up with my fiance. Through all of this, my poor apartment has suffered the most. I’ve been desperately trying to catch up with my own life and not always succeeding.

Spring break was spent in Colorado with the now ex-fiance. Then I was off to Dayton, Ohio for the R.I.S.E. Symposium. I was one of eight business students chosen to go, and because we went, we also got wrangled into starting the first portfolio for the stock trading competition done at R.I.S.E. as well as help make plans for our school’s first trading room. It was great to be chosen and get to be involved in all this, but it was during the last month of school, so it was busy and we didn’t get half of what we wanted accomplished yet. Soon. Plus, Dayton was super ghetto. There was nothing there except two notable restaurants: The Dublin Pub and some pizza joint next to an ice cream place that I can’t even remember the name of now. Yeah, it was like that.

Now that we’re caught up, let’s look at March’s challenge: read the paper everyday.

Verdict: Fail. Utterly, miserably, totally fail. I tried for the first few days then caput.

April Challenge: Weekend voyages. My best friend came up with this one inspired by my challenge idea. So for every weekend, we went somewhere new and exciting. For me at least. We tried to do as much outdoor stuff as possible.

Weekend 1: Providence Canyon

It was really pretty. None of us, and there were 7 of us with a dog, had ever really camped before. Sure, I’ve done more car camping than most people can boast, but to hike in with all your gear and water was something else. Over the coarse of two days, we hiked probably 10 miles. Well, they hiked more than that but I shit out because I hurt my leg and am generally a wimp. Still, I had a full experience.

Weekend 2: Renaissance Festival and La Buzz

This is the third year in a row that we’ve gone to the Ren Fair together. Fun as always. Then she took me to her favorite club in Marietta called La Buzz. It’s a club that has a drag show for the first half followed by intense dancing. I got to kiss a drag queen and dance for hours, both things I don’t normally get to do. Had an AWESOME time.

Weekend 3: Okeefenokee Swamp

This one is definitely one to brag about. I’ve never really been on the water before. So for my first canoe trip, we paddled 12 miles into the swamp, camped overnight on a raised platform with alligators next to us, then paddled 12 miles out. I also discovered that I am really NOT good in a kayak. Seriously. I did 3 miles in one and probably covered more ground than anyone since I couldn’t steer to save my life and zig-zagged the entire way. Still, 24 miles on the water and only 1 blister. Beat that on your first time out!

Weekend 4: Love Affair

Okay, this one was just on me since we didn’t have anything planned for that last weekend that was technically in May. Still, I’ve always wanted to go to Love Affair. It’s an outdoor arts festival in Tifton. For Friday night, we met up with our outdoorsy group and had dinner while listening to the jazz band hosted by the festival. Then Saturday, we went to the park for the actual event. I’m amazed at how much talent there is even in such a small place as South Georgia. Showed me, right? I walked away with a beautiful earring tree and almost ALMOST bought a 2 foot tall mushroom to use as an end table from the chainsaw sculpting table. Of all the years I’ve lived in and around Tifton, I’m glad I finally went since this might be the last opportunity I have.

April Verdict: SUCCESS! Wild success.

I’ll be posting some of the (very) few pictures I took during these excursions soon. In the meantime, this month’s challenge.

May Challenge: Work like you mean it.

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