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Hobby Lobby, Valdosta

This whole cataloguing of Valdosta, while a great idea, sort of makes my head spin. I mean, I’ve spent a ton of time thinking about this. But where do you start? The logical choice for me is one of the places I frequent that also involves yarn- Hobby Lobby.

Now if you live in Valdosta and have a hobby that requires tools not sold at a gun shop or tractor supply company, you have limited options. Luckily we do have options though. Hobby Lobby is the largest of the craft stores in the area. If you’re in South Georgia, this is actually one of the only ones. (If I think about this too much, I’m going to get depressed)

Still, like most Hobby Lobby’s, half the store is always on sale and the selection is pretty good. This is one of the larger stores and always seems to have a ton of new staff stocking shelves. Seriously, they might employ half the town just to stock shelves and get in your way. If you want to buy yarn, this is probably where you come first. It doesn’t have a wide variety as far as brands go, but it has two isles dedicated to it. Most of the stock is Lion Brand, Caron, I Love This Yarn, and their Yarn Bee line with a few other thrown in here and there. This is also one of the only places to buy fabric in Valdosta unless I’m missing something huge.

It’s convenintly located on St. Augustine Rd, which is the major shopping road off our largest exit (18) past the mall. It’s next to a Goodwill, Tractor Supply store, and a tiny strip mall. Because I’m determined to go overboard, I’ve added the address, number, and a link to the google map for your… pleasure?

Hobby Lobby – Valdosta
(229) 671-1410
1000 N Saint Augustine Rd
Valdosta, GA 31601-3532


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Valdosta, GA

Valdosta. Located about 20 miles North of the Florida border, it is one of the largest towns in the whole of South Georgia. Conveniently located within driving distance to Macon, Tallahasee, Jacksonville, and Gainsville, and nestled along I-75, you can reach pretty much anything you desire here. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the country with a city population of about 50,000 people, including a military base, two colleges, two hospitals, and numerous K-12 schools.

In other words, I’ve been forced to call this town home for almost 3 years now and I’m going to burn it down if I have to take this anymore. Before Valdosta, I lived in Tifton – a small town about an hour north of here. On weedends, or really any time I needed to get the hell out and do something, I would drive to Valdosta. Within a week of moving here, I came to the rather disheartening conclusion that I’d already seen everything worth seeing.

Problem: I sometimes feel so trapped and sick of being here that I want to throw bricks at babies.

Solution: I am going to find out everything about this town. I am going to be a Valdosta expert. I will look with new eyes at my surroundings and really SEE it for the first time. I will know this town inside and out and find everything worth staying for in South Georgia. And I’m going to make you read all about it.

Super sorry.

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